December 2020 reading wrap-up

With the arrival of January, it’s time to take a moment and look back at the books I read in December. This month was filled with holiday preparation, the first few heavy snowfalls of winter, and that overwhelming desire for the year to be over. The goal I had set for myself was to read 5 books during the month, something I can usually easily do. However, this month I found myself either not feeling like reading or simply not setting aside the time each day. Despite this, I was able to squeeze in just enough reading to hit that goal. Doing so helped to put a dent in my huge TBR. This December 2020 reading wrap-up showcases the books I read during the month and my thoughts on them.

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December 2020 reading wrap-up

Rin-ne Vol. 6 & 7 by Rumiko Takahashi

I’ll admit, I don’t fully remember what happened in these two volumes. They were both quick reads that continued the storyline well but the exact details elude me. What I can tell you with certainty is that with each volume that I read, I fall in love with the characters and series more. I am really looking forward to seeing where this all leads as the series progresses. And of course, once I am done reading the series I will watch the anime as well.

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 10 by Tomohito Oda

This series has quickly become one of my favorite manga series. Seeing Komi struggle through her social issues and gain friends has been great. This volume felt a bit different from the previous ones and yet fit in perfectly with the overall theme of the series. With a new student in the class, things get a little crazy for a bit as the social hierarchy gets worked out. This series is a great read for anyone who deals with social insecurities or is looking for a different experience from the high school slice of life genre.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Petite Devil Kohai by Hajime Kamoshida

This story felt very familiar to me and I think it’s because this arc was part of the anime series, though it’s been a while since I watched it so I can’t say it with 100% certainty. Sakuta has a new phenomenon to deal with and it really puts a wrench in his plans. The struggles of high school life, friends, relationships, and a healthy bit of odd science all play a role in this story. It all combines together into one strange trip that is entertaining and shows how crazy high school really is.

World of Warcraft: Traveler by Greg Weisman

I read this book a few years ago, however, I’ve been meaning to finish the series. So I decided to reread this one so that I could have the story fresh in my mind. This is a middle-grade novel set in the World of Warcraft. You don’t need to know anything about Warcraft to enjoy this series but if you do have some knowledge of the world and game then you will enjoy it even more. I really enjoyed the story and seeing the lands and characters of Warcraft through a different set of eyes. The artwork scattered throughout the novel really compliments the story well and adds something special since they are the sketches of the main character Aram, and it helps to illustrate exactly what the characters look like. This series is great for school-aged kids along with adults who love World of Warcraft.

December 2020 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 5
  • Books purchased: 1
  • Books gifted: 4
  • Books purged: 0
  • Books DNF’d: 0

Books read in 2020

  • January: 32
  • February: 7
  • March: 7
  • April: 10
  • May: 5
  • June: 8
  • July: 18
  • August: 8
  • September: 9
  • October: 6
  • November: 17
  • December: 5

That means I read 132 books in 2020. While it’s not quite the 301 I read in 2019, I’m happy with it. I look forward to seeing how many books I read during 2021. I hope you enjoyed my December 2020 reading wrap-up. What books did you read in December?


  1. You had a really successful year reading. You completely put me to shame ha ha! I hope this year you manage to read even more. I hope you have a great 2021! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you. No shame reading less than I do since I tend to read a lot and not everyone reads at the pace I do. Even if you read a single book that is awesome.

        1. Good luck with trying to read more.

  2. I spent a lot of time reading and reviewing books during winter break. I’m grateful for ebooks, since I have to wait far longer for the print books I put on hold at the library. Thanks for sharing your reading list! I’ll have to try reading some from the anime genre one of these days!

    1. Glad to hear you were able to get a good chunk of reading done over the holidays. I can certainly see why ebooks would be better for you in that respect. Since I own so many books I don’t use my library at the moment, but perhaps one day I will. Yes, I hope you do give some manga a try, it’s a great genre.

  3. I am also a fan of mangas! I am happy to find a blog that showcases them! 🙂

    1. Nice to see another manga lover. It does seem like very few blogs talk about them, which is a shame because there are so many great manga out there.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of books read each year, good job! I hope you do take some time to check them out as there are so many great books written by Asian authors, I have only just begun to scratch the surface with them.

    1. Oh gosh no, but I would love to be able to read that much in a month. That’s 132 books read in 2020.

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