January 2021 goals and December review

It’s a new month and a new year! That means it’s another opportunity to set and achieve our goals. As we all let out a collective breath now that 2020 is over, it’s time to ramp up for another year. Many people may be setting resolutions but I am more of a goal person. I find goals are more manageable and realistic than resolution. In fact, you could turn your resolutions into goals to ensure you actually work towards them. I have been setting monthly goals for a few years now and it has been extremely beneficial. By sharing these goals here, I find myself working even harder to meet them. Some months I do well, others I don’t but having people seeing how I do each month provides extra motivation. After all, who wants to come back in a month and admit they failed at all of it. Before we get into my January 2021 goals, let’s take a moment to look back and see how I did with December’s goals.

December goals review

My plans for December changed partway through the month when I decided to cut back on everything so I could enjoy the lead up to the holidays. I did not adjust my goals to match this sudden change so because of this, some things didn’t get done. However, I think it was the right move as I still able to accomplish quite a bit and enjoy time with the family.

Life goals

  • Read 5 books. Barely. I finished the fifth book on New Year’s Eve. Come see what I read in December.
  • Watch at least 1 season of a show. Yes. I watched 2 seasons of The Mandalorian. On top of this, I watchedย 5 episodes of Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You, 5 episodes of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, and 8 episodes of Iwakakeru – Sport Climbing Girls.
  • Workout every day. Not quite. I took about a week off around the holidays. I did walk most of these days, so I was still moving, just not full-on exercising.
  • Crochet a blanket. Nope. I didn’t even get this started. Honestly, this one somewhat slipped my mind.
  • Play World of Warcraft. Yes. I put in quite a few hours playing. I even got to raid with my guild, which is something I haven’t done in quite some time.

Japanese goals

  • Spend 1 hour reviewing Japanese a day. Darn close. I missed a couple of days but otherwise did well with this. I am glad I took this extra time to review because it helped to reinforce a few things I had started to forget.
  • Review the Kanji I have learned. Like the above, I missed a couple of days. However, overall I am feeling more confident writing and reading the kanji I know.

Writing goals

  • Journal every day. Nope. I missed over half of the month.
  • Continue to work on my NaNoWriMo project. Yes. While I didn’t get much actual writing done, I did get a lot of work done on the outline, including getting past one major hurdle. I also made copious amounts of notes.
  • Work on a secret writing project. I didn’t get as much done on this as I had hoped but what I did work on was key to the rest of the project, so I will call this a success.

Blogging goals

  • Work on December and January’s posts. Somewhat. I actually ended up scrapping a lot of the work I had done for December – not entirely but I shifted those posts into the future. I did get quite a few of January’s posts done.
  • Brainstorm 2021 blog posts. Yes. I have a huge list of posts I want to write in 2021 and even wrote down a tentative schedule for them.
  • Update 15 old posts. Maybe. I honestly didn’t keep track of how many I did, so I may have hit this goal, and I may not have. I know I updated 8 posts for sure, but after that, I lost track.
  • Create new pin images. This was a major challenge as I was having quite a few issues with Canva over the month. So I did create some but not as many as I had hoped to.
  • Clear out browser tabs. It took right up to the final day of the month but I did it! What a time-consuming process this was! But my browser is now running happily with so few tabs open.
  • Clear out my bookmarks. Not entirely. I started the process but I have so many more bookmarks than I thought, so it would have been next to impossible to get through them all in a single month.

January 2021 goals

I think January is going to be a busy month. After all, look at this list of goals! It does feel like a lot, but I really want to work hard this month and this year to get everything accomplished. My biggest hurdle will be completing my year of writing, but I am up for the challenge.

Life goals

  • Read 5 books. I hope to read more than this. However, I think 5 is a manageable number to start with.
  • Watch at least 1 season of a show.ย I have done a pretty good job of whittling down my to-watch list but there are still plenty of shows left. So I’m hoping to get through at least one season again this month.
  • Workout every day. After slacking off a bit the last few months, I really want to get back into doing this daily. I’m aiming for a minimum of 20 minutes. My daily walks with Penny will be an extra bonus.
  • Crochet a blanket. Since I utterly failed at this in December, I’m going to give this another try this month. If I can at least get it partially done amid all my other goals I will be happy.

Japanese goals

  • Spend 1-hour learning Japanese a day.ย This time spent will be a combination of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I can learn this year.
  • Learn 10 kanji. There are so many kanji I need to learn, as in a few thousand, so I am going back to learning at least 10 every month.

Writing goals

  • Journal every day. I really enjoy journaling but have been slacking a bit with it in the previous months. So, I will be aiming to write every day.
  • Continue to work on my NaNoWriMo project. Now that I have most of the outline fixed, I can once again turn my attention to writing this story. I hope to get a few chapters done this month.
  • Work on a secret writing project. It’s coming along nicely but I still have too much work to do on it to reveal what it is just yet.
  • Participate in #vss365. I wanted to do this last year but I was feeling too shy to just jump into it. But this month I will be making an effort to write the prompt every day.

Blogging goals

  • Work on January and February’s posts. I only have a couple of January posts left to write and then I will be free to work on February’s. I’m trying to switch back to a twice-weekly post schedule so I need to stay ahead on posts to maintain that.
  • Update 10 old posts. Once again, I will be working on updating old posts because I want to ensure my blog is as good as it can be. Some of these older posts need a complete rewrite but I know it will be worth the effort.
  • Create new pin images. Hopefully, Canva behaves itself this month so I can actually do this.
  • Keep browser tabs to a minimum. Now that I have got the tabs down to the necessities, I am going to try really hard to keep it that way.
  • Clear out my bookmarks. There are so many bookmarks that I feel this will be a task that will take several months but I am going to go through as many of them as I can in January.
  • Take a blogging course. I have a couple that I have been sitting on, so it would be nice to get through at least one this month.

Those are my January 2021 goals. What goals have you set for the month?



  1. I like the idea of clearing out bookmarks. I have so many to go through also!

    1. Thank you. Take it one day at a time. Honestly, I have hundreds of bookmarks, so it will take me some time to go through all of them.

  2. Love your consistency with your writing and blogging goals! My blogging goals this month are to update a few posts, learn more about Google Analytics and clean up my Pinterest boards (they need love).

    Thanks for the inspiration to tackle those goals ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you. Those are some great goals. I also need to learn more about Google Analytics. I know it’s a great resource for bloggers but I have yet to learn all of the ins and outs. Good luck with your goals.

  3. Thank you for being honest about your goals. I also wish to read five books this month. Good luck to both of us!


    1. I think it’s important to be honest with them, if I fail one I will say so. I hope you are able to read 5 books this month. Thank you.

  4. These are great! I’m hopefully you achieve your goals. It’s nice that you can check out every now and then and see where you’re at and adjust it. I would love to take one course a month. Whether it’s for blogging, technical, crafting, or cooking! xo


    1. Thank you. Having them listed here really does help me to keep track of everything and see what I still need to work on. Taking a course a month is great. I hope you are able to do it so you can learn plenty about the chosen subjects you have an interest in.

  5. I get so excited when I see everyone posting their goals as when they achieve them it is amazing! Thanks for shairng!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page

    1. I totally understand that feeling. I also love seeing what others have been up to and seeing their success with their goals.

  6. Great goals! And really doable too – that’s so important! ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck with them! I’ve set my reading goal as 4 books this month. I’m not a very fast reader!

    1. Thank you. Yes, keeping them doable is why I add or remove goals each month, that way I’m not overwhelmed by them. Good luck reading those 4 books, I’m sure you will be able to do it.

    1. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much.

  7. Great goals! I always love reading other people’s goals. I have been trying to work through some old posts and update them as well. I had never heard of #vss365 and had to look it up. Sounds cool. Best of luck on your goals this month!

    1. Thank you. I also like seeing the goals others are setting, it give some inspiration for future goals as well. Good luck working through all those older posts, they can take some time and effort to fix but it’s well worth the effort.

  8. Good luck with your goals! I can’t believe you managed to read 5 books in December, that’s such an achievement! I’m onto my second for January!

    1. Thank you. Admittedly, five books isn’t a lot for me in a month but I am glad I got to read them. That’s great to hear you are already on your second this month.

  9. Lovely goals you have here. Like you I also hope to read five books this month, I’m currently on my second and also to pin consistently. Wish you all the best with your goals.

    1. Thank you. Good luck with your reading goals, I’m sure you will hit them. Pinning consistently can be a challenge but if we keep at it we will get there.

  10. Best of luck with reaching your January goals!! So cool that you are learning Japanese! It’s such an interesting language.

    1. Thank you. Japanese really is quite interested and I’m really enjoying learning it.

  11. These are fantastic goals! I think you’re going to totally crush them just like you did in December. I hope you’ve had a great January so far. I’m looking forward to finding out what you read!

    1. Thank you. It’s been a good month so far.

    1. Thank you. It certainly makes it easier to track them when I break them down like this.

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