December 2023 Reading Wrap-Up

The end of the year has come and gone and so with it my reading time in December. Every month that comes along allows me to read as much as possible while also whittling down my TBR. Some months I read a lot, while others I barely touch any books. December was a fairly good month reading-wise. My December 2023 Reading Wrap-Up goes over the books I read during the month and my thoughts on them.

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December 2023 Reading Wrap-Up

The Savior’s Book Cafe Story In Another World Vol. 5 by Kyouka Izumi & Ouyima

The final volume of this series and like all the others before it, I absolutely loved it. A surprising amount has happened in this short series.

Tsukina, Il, Bran, and all the other characters have come a long way. The journey to save the kingdom and live a happy life has been successful, and each of them has developed a new appreciation for the world and the people in it. It was the perfect ending to this series.

While I am happy with how it all ended, I will admit, that I would love to see more about them. Perhaps a spin-off series or a continuation in the future.

Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 6 by Bisco Hatori

This volume was as zany as they come and yet that’s half the reason why I enjoy this series so much. A lot of it is so over the top it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The competition for the right to decorate the central salon for the upcoming festival certainly was amusing. It really makes me wonder what other hijinks they will get up to as the series progresses.

Horimiya Vol. 4 & 5 by Hero & Daisuke Hagiwara

I loved these two volumes so much. While much of the story I am familiar with from watching the anime, the manga does have a lot of parts that were left out of the show. Watching Hori’s dad interact with, and regularly tease Miyamura and Hori was hilarious. Hori and Miyamura have some awkward moments in these volumes, but that is all a part of getting to know each other.

In volume 5 we really get to see how close these two have grown, especially after they are separated for several days. I really look forward to continuing this series and seeing more of their time together.

Nina The Starry Bride Vol. 1 – 3 by Rikachi

I have been thinking about reading this series for a while now, so when Kodansha was offering the first 3 volumes to read for free for a limited time I jumped on it.

Each of these volumes was fantastic and did a great job of setting up the story and characters for what will come as the series continues. I was instantly absorbed into the story and it’s a shame I had to stop at volume 3. It’s amazing how much character development and world-building was found in these 3 volumes.

I will be picking up this series again because I absolutely need to know what happens.

The Gingerbread House in Mistletoe Gardens by Jaimie Admans

The one Christmas-themed book that I read this month. This was a fun read with great characters, an amusing plot, and that touch of Christmas magic. There is a Hallmark movie quality about this book as well.

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World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing: The Dragons of Outland by Richard A. Knaak & Jae-Hwan Kim

This book was a reread as it had been years since I first read it and wanted to finish this duology finally. I’m glad I reread it because I had forgotten everything that had happened.

I enjoyed the artwork in this book. Revisiting some of the events from the Outlands made me nostalgic for playing World of Warcraft during that expansion. Seeing the emergence of the Nether dragons, the threat to the Dark Portal, the new races found in Outland, and the action-packed scenes made this a fun read.

World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing: Nexus Point by Richard A. Knaak & Jae-Hwan Kim

The final book in the Shadow Wing duology and a long overdue read. Much like the previous graphic novel, I liked the artwork in this one. The story continues with the threat to the Dark Portal from the Ragnok and his army grows ever closer, aided by the Nether Dragons. The revelations of what the Nether Dragons are and Tyrygosa’s attempt to help them brought the entire story together.

My one complaint about this series is some of the font is very difficult to read. It’s too small and overly stylized. Ignoring that, this was a good read.

December 2023 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 10
  • Books purchased: 4
  • Books gifted: 2
  • Books unhauled: 0
  • Books DNF’d: 0

With the 2023 reading year done, I’d like to share my overall reading stats. It’s fun to see how many books were read, purchased, and unhauled over 12 months.

Overall 2023 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 100
  • Books purchased: 131
  • Books gifted: 3
  • Books unhauled: 33
  • Books DNF’d: 7

I hope you enjoyed my December 2023 Reading Wrap-Up. What books did you read in December?


  1. I think I know somebody that would love these. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      I hope they do enjoy them.

  2. So many great choices for reading in December. I love reading a holiday book around Christmas. I’ll check out the Gingerbread House in Mistletoe Gardens next season.

    1. Author

      Sometimes it’s nice to read holiday books. I do hope you check it out next Christmas as it’s a good read.

  3. I do reading recaps on my blog too! I read a lot of fantasy/romantasy, but last year I read a lot of manga 🙂 congrats on hitting 100! I read 50 last year.

    1. Author

      I used to read more fantasy but tend to lean more into manga these days. Thank you. 50 books is a good amount.

  4. Both of my daughters have recently gotten into manga, so I’ve been searching for some books to explore in this genre. Looking forward to checking out some of your recommendations!

    1. Author

      There are a ton of great manga out there. I hope they enjoy these if they do check them out. I will be going over a lot of manga this year.

  5. That’s amazing you read 10 books in December and 100 books in 2023! The Gingerbread House in Mistletoe Gardens looks like a sweet book, and I wonder if my partner would be interested in the World of Warcraft books.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I honestly felt like I slacked in my reading in 2023 but I’m still happy with 100 books read. The World of Warcraft books are certainly worth checking out, especially if your partner plays/has played the games. even if they haven’t they are good reads.

  6. I’ve seen similar manga books at the library. Maybe I’ll starting reading some.

    1. Author

      I hope you do give them a try. There are tons of great manga out there.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love reading these wraps up! I love your thoughts in the books you’ve read. I was in a holiday themed reading mood last month so I’m definitely leaning towards checking out the gingerbread house in mistletoe garden. Also congrats on reading 100 books! That’s awesome!

    1. Author

      Thank you. I enjoy doing these wrap-ups to help people find new books. I hope you enjoy it if you do read it.

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