February 2022 reading wrap-up

February was a crazy reading month. I did not plan to do a ton of reading and yet life threw me the opportunity. Our modem died at the end of January and wasn’t fixed until mid-February. This led to a lot of free time and so I turned to books. In fact, most of these books were read in the first 10 days of the month. Honestly, in a way, this was fantastic because it allowed me to truly tackle my TBR in an unexpected way. As with most months, I read a pretty good mix of genres in February, as I find sticking to a single genre leads to the dreaded reading slump. So without further ado, let’s get to the February 2022 reading wrap-up.

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February 2022 reading wrap-up

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

This is one of those books that I have heard so much about, almost always good, that I was torn between checking it out and steering clear from it. The latter is because I often find books that are overly hyped to end up being quite terrible. However, that was not the case with The Flatshare. This was a truly enjoyable book from start to finish. I will say, that initially, I didn’t like the way that the writing style switched with each chapter based upon which characters perspective it was. However, as I continued through the book, I realized it was quite genius the way it was done. Tiffy’s chapters were full of longer sentences and felt more alive in a way. Whereas Leon’s chapters were shorter thoughts and somewhat chaotic. Each represented the characters perfectly, both in personality and lifestyle.

The way these characters interacted without even meeting each other for a large portion of the book was such a unique approach. And the moment when they did finally meet – well that was quite the first impression. The way their relationship, jobs, family, and friends became all intertwined throughout the story was truly well-done. From there the book took on a new experience and romance began to run rampant.

This book also does a great job dealing with the emotional and physical trauma from being in abusive relationships, something that Tiffy was going through as her previous relationship fell into that category.

I did listen to the audiobook of this one and I quite enjoyed the two narrators.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

I haven’t read many books set during and shortly after World War II, however, I remember this book being mentioned in a book club several years back and finally remembered about it. The book is composed of letters sent to and from the various characters outlining current events along with what happened on Guernsey during the way – including the forming of their literary society. While I’m not sure letters are always the best way to tell a story, I felt like it worked quite well for this book. As I listened to the audiobook, the cast of narrators did a great job of bringing each character’s letters to life with their own unique personality and voice.

There were a few points where I wondered exactly where the story was going because there didn’t seem to be an end goal beyond the main character’s desire to learn about the people of Guernsey and write a story about them. Eventually, it became clear and from that point I was even more invested into the story.

Snow White With the Red Hair Vol. 1-16 by Sorata Akiduki

I had previously read the first 5 volumes of this series but was eager to read more. So, to ensure I remembered everything, I reread those first few books before continuing on. Every single one of these books was fantastic. I love seeing the relationships between the various characters grow throughout, seeing new regions of the kingdom along with neighboring kingdoms adds to the world-building and there is enough conflict scattered throughout to add a bit of action as well. While I hated at some points throughout that certain characters were pulled apart, I feel like, in the end, it made the story better and truly helped with character development so we aren’t getting just a love story and nothing else.

With every single book, it felt like I was reuniting with an old friend and going on an adventure with them. I cannot wait to continue to read more of this series.

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 17 by Tomohito Oda

This volume picks up right where the previous one ended, in the middle of the cultural festival. I think the best part of this volume was the development of Komi and Mangabi about their feelings for Tadano and their mutual understanding of each other. It shows how much these two have grown over the course of the series so far. Also, the general antics of the rest of the cultural festival were truly entertaining. While I had been worried for several volumes now about the dreaded love triangle, I feel like it’s not an issue now. I’m already looking forward to the next volume.

The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill

The book follows Aminata Diallo from her childhood shortly before being captured by slave traders all the way to her older years as a free woman. It is a story of tragedy and loss, victory and defeat, overcoming odds, growing, compassion, and so much more. I am truly finding it hard to put into words how well-done this book was. You truly feel for Aminata, or Meena as she is often called, throughout her life. The horrors that she and the other slaves have to endure are truly terrifying. The story does remind me a lot of the book Roots, which also tells of slavery and the freedom of African slaves.

There was one small part of the book that I found stood out as odd. It talks about a ship that was blown well off course, encountered a storm, and sunk killing all aboard. How would they know such details if this occurred during the 1800s? Did another ship end up with them but survived the storm and saw or perhaps assumed the ship went down? Beyond that one little thing, I truly enjoyed every moment of this book.

Blue Flag Vol. 2 by KAITO

I feel like volume 2 is where this story really takes off. The first volume was more of an introduction to the characters and lays a bit of foundation for what is to come. However, in this volume, we get to see so much happen, including a lot more about the characters – especially Taichi as we get to find out a few key points from his past that have made him the person he is now. While I was expecting this story to progress slowly, the ending came out of nowhere and that cliffhanger makes me want to read the next volume right away. Sadly, I can’t go into much detail because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read this book yet.

Sword Art Online Progressive 7 by Reki Kawahara

I have been waiting so long for this book! It was delayed for about 2 years due to the author not wanting to publish a book they weren’t happy with. While I completely understand that desire, as a reader I was dying waiting for this one. However, it finally arrived and I eagerly dove in. This volume explores the 7th floor of Aincrad and like all the previous floors, this one is entirely unique. The casino aspect of the floor certainly throws an interesting problem for Kirito, Asuna, and the others trapped in the game. There’s something fishy going on with this floor, or at least some of it’s NPCs (Non-player characters) and it’s up to Kirito, Asuna, and their friend Argo to solve the dilemma before they can progress to the final boss.

There is plenty left of this level as this book only covers some of their adventures, so I now need to wait until volume 8 comes out to see how they solve the problem, advance their quests and levels, and beat the final boss.

Scene & Structure by Jack. M. Bickham

This short book has a lot to offer when it comes to writing advice. It breaks down the way that books are essentially made up of scenes and sequels to create an entire story. Hitting on the variations of those two in order to create the right effect to keep the reader engaged in the story without everything moving too quickly or too slowly. I found this book to be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to some of my own writing where I have run into issues. I know I will be referring to this book a lot in the future as I write more.

Maison Ikkoku Collectors Edition Vol. 5 by Rumiko Takahashi

I was torn on whether to read this one or not. Part of me enjoys this series but I also find it doesn’t pull me in like some of her other stories. However, I decided to give it a try, since I could get a copy from the library. This volume was a bit different than the previous ones, however, I felt like the pacing is still too slow to truly capture my attention. That being said, I feel like we are finally starting to see some good character development with Kyoko, which I feel is overdue. The antics of many of the characters do feel overdone at this point, but I guess that’s simply how they are and they won’t change no matter what.

While I didn’t love this volume I will admit that it was good enough for me to keep reading. After all, sometimes there are books that draw us in for inexplicable reasons and we have no choice but to read them even when they feel slow and lacking at times.

Month 2022 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 24
  • Books purchased: 1
  • Books purged: 1
  • Books DNF’d: 1

I hope you enjoyed my February 2022 reading wrap-up. What did you read lately?


  1. Oh wow, lots of books were read in Feb! I managed to read 3 and seem to be in a bit of a reading slump since then. The Snow White one sounds really good x

    1. Three is still a good number of books read in a month. That’s a shame you have hit a bit of a reading slump, I usually either take a break from reading or try an audiobook or an old favorite when I am going through a slump.

    1. I did. Not having internet for a couple of weeks certainly helped.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you’ve found and read some amazing books during February. 24 books is an amazing amount of reading to do! I only managed a couple last month but I’m hoping to read more this month. Thank you so much for sharing your reads with us Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

    1. It was a lot of reading, but I do tend to read a lot. Of course, having no internet for half the month helped. Reading a couple of books is still good, we all read at different rates after all.

  3. Oh wow, you had such a great reading month and one faulty modem brought plenty of great books! I really loved The Flatshare and adding Snow White with Red Hair to my list x

    1. Yes, the modem certainly helped me put in a lot of solid hours reading. So glad you are adding that series to your list, it’s so good!

  4. Eeek! The Flatshare! That book has my heart. It was the one that reintroduced me to contemporary romance and really made me fall in love with the genre. I also listened to the audiobook the first time and adored the narration. I’m SO thrilled it’s getting a film adaptation – finally! I can’t wait to see Tiffy and Leon on-screen!

    1. Honestly, I think it was the first, if not the only contemporary romance I have read because I haven’t really gotten into that genre much yet. However, it was a good place to start. Hold the phone, they are making it into a movie?! I had no idea. Well, now I know to keep my eye out for it.

  5. Wow, you had a great reading month! And I’m so happy to find a fellow SAO and Komi Can’t Communicate fan!

    1. Thank you. Having a broken modem for half the month certainly gave me plenty of reading time. I think you are the first person I have heard from that is a Komi fan, that’s exciting!

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