March 2022 Bokksu – Spring Otozure

Snack-filled subscription boxes are a fantastic way to try something new from different regions of the world. Bokksu, a Japanese snack subscription box highlights traditional snacks of Japan. Many of the companies contributing have been around for more than 100 years. Having tried a number of Bokksu in the past, I was excited to dive into the March 2022 Bokksu. This month’s theme is Spring Otozure – which means spring arrival. With spring comes a whole new set of flavors to dive into, coming from different regions of Japan. If you want to explore the flavors of Japan from the comfort of your home, then Bokksu is an excellent way to do so.

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March 2022 Bokksu

Ume Zarame

A large pickled plum-flavored cracker coated in coarse sugar. This snack was almost too crunchy to bite but had an amazing flavor to it. It certainly gave my teeth and jaws a workout but it was totally worth it. I do wish there was another one because it was that good. I’m not sure my jaw would have handled a second one though.

Koropon Momotaro Sakupuff Chocolate: Muscat Grape

This flaky pastry truly melted in my mouth. But was there grape flavor? I didn’t take any. The texture was enjoyable but the lack of flavor did leave me a bit disappointed.

Yuzu Okoshi

Don’t be fooled by this tiny snack it packs a ton of flavor. The yuzu fruit added a nice citrusy punch to this surprisingly crunchy snack.

Jelly Chocolate Yubari Melon

I wasn’t sure if chocolate-covered melon would be good, but as soon I bit into the first one I knew I had nothing to worry about. This flavor combination was so addictive that before I knew it, the bag was empty. The chocolate was silky and the soft jelly center added to the entire experience.

Crepe Coloree Orange Tea

I’m not sure if orange and earl grey tea is the best combo. Not great, not terrible, just a bit strange. I really loved the texture of this treat.

Potato Chips Wasabi

I was so excited to try these chips. There is something about Japanese chips that put them well above all other chips. The wasabi flavor was mild at first but built with every chip, though never became overwhelming. This is a snack I could see myself eating regularly – if only they were available in Canada. I really enjoyed these.

Amaou Strawberry Dorayaki

You can’t go wrong with strawberry cream squished between two pancakes. There was a subtle strawberry flavor at first and then bam it hits you and it’s amazing. soft and flavorful!

Sawayaka Lemon Milk Chinsuko

A slightly odd texture that grew on me as I chewed. Loved the flavor of this, wish there were more.

Matcha Azuki Cake

I usually don’t enjoy things with azuki in them but this slice of cake was fantastic. The matcha flavor was subtle, the few pieces of azuki did interrupt the softness of the cake a bit but not too much. The cake was so soft and delicious I would have sworn it was baked that day. I wanted more.

Strawberry Daifuku mochi

Great mochi texture, zero strawberry flavor. I could taste the white bean paste though which made me sad, as it’s not a flavor I particularly enjoy, especially when you are expecting strawberry. Honestly, it smelled far better than it tasted.

Black Strawberry

I’m not a fan of dark chocolate so didn’t love these, pretty sure had in past boxes as well.

Potato Stick: Asari Clam & Butter

I was a bit hesitant going into this snack, as I don’t eat clams. However, I didn’t taste anything that would indicate that these were clam flavored. If anything, I only tasted the butter and salt on top of the base potato flavor. Quick enjoyable.

Potato Snack: Grilled Corn

I’ve had regular and wasabi-flavored potato snacks before and loved them, so was super excited to try a grilled corn version. I can’t say that there was a huge flavor difference between the grilled and regular versions of this snack. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this corn-flavored potato snack. If only they were included in every box.

Wasabi Shoyu Soy Sauce Uma Sen Rice Cracker

The wasabi on these crackers hits like a truck and then melts away. Addictive in a tongue-burning sort of way. This was a snack where I could only eat a couple before I had to take a break to allow my tongue a moment’s reprieve from the burning.

Gohoubicha Green Tea & Lemongrass

I am not a tea drinker but I always try the tea included. This one was alright.

I hope you enjoyed my March 2022 Bokksu review. Have you tried Bokksu yet?


  1. Very fun! This Bokksu variety of snacks looks interesting. I think I would like just about everything except for the wasabi-flavored items. I’m a spice wimp. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous snack finds in your March Bokksu shipment.

    1. They really do provide an incredible variety of snacks. Honestly, wasabi generally isn’t that spicy and even when it does hit hard it doesn’t last.

  2. What a fun Box this month! There are several things in it I would love to try! Thanks for sharing this March 2022 Bokksu with us!

    1. They always send such an amazing variety of snacks to try. I hope you are able to give them a try some day.

    1. It’s certainly worth checking out if you have an interest in trying some unique snacks. I look forward to my box every month.

  3. Oh my days some of these sound absolutely delicious. I’ve never tried anything like these before so I’ll defo be looking into trying some of them asap! Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

    1. Bokksu has such an amazing mix of flavors in every box. I hope you do give it a try, every single box has been fantastic.

    1. Very few items are sweet and even those that are, aren’t overly so. The matcha cake was certainly one of my favorites this month.

    1. Sometimes items look better than they taste. Normally I enjoy the mochi they include but that one simply wasn’t for me.

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