February 2023 Bokksu – Amai Valentine

February is the month of Valentine’s Day. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is traditionally when women give chocolates to coworkers, friends, and those they have feelings for. A month later, on White Day, men will often return the favor. The February 2023 Bokksu theme is Amai Valentine. Amai is Japanese for sweet. Contained in this month’s box are the traditional treats that can be found this time of year. From apple to kelp to sweet potatoes, there is a fantastic mix of flavors and textures to explore.

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February 2023 Bokksu

Miyako Konbu Kelp Senbei

Anything kelp flavored is a win in my book. These senbei were light and airy while having a strong kelp flavor. They made for the perfect light snack and were one of my favorite items from this month.

Strawberry Tartlet

A tiny strawberry tart that packed a whole lot of flavor. These were like taking a small bite out of summer! The pastry was light and flakey while the fruit jam filling added the perfect amount of sweetness. I’m glad that two were included in this box because I was definitely craving a second one.

Mo gummy Grape

These tiny grape gummies were quite good. The flavor wasn’t very strong but still enough to notice.

Ume Zarame Sugar Rice Cracker

Surprisingly crunchy but oh so good, these little sugar-coated rice crackers were fantastic. The plum flavor was mellow but grew as you chewed. The perfect sweet treat that wasn’t too filling.

Kataage Potato: Kansai Dashi Soy Sauce

Japanese chips are a favorite of mine. Though often light on flavor, they are addictive and not too filling. These chips had a wonderful taste, with a hint of soy sauce with a dash of seaweed. The bag went quickly and I only wish there had been more of them because I enjoyed them so much.

Amaou Strawberry Marshmallow

I’ve never been the biggest fan of marshmallows but these ones were great. They were light and chewy with a strong strawberry flavor.  The chocolate in the center was a perfect complement to the strawberry marshmallow.

Arare Komachi

If it’s senbei then I will most likely love it. These tiny senbei packed a punch flavor-wise. Two flavors could be found in the package – soy sauce and seaweed. While I enjoyed both, I found the seaweed ones to be the best. This was certainly one of my favorites this month.

Hokkaido White Raspberry

I had these before in the February 2022 Bokksu and wasn’t a fan of them. Raspberries and rye crackers aren’t my thing. However, my husband really enjoys these so I passed them on to him. He thinks the combination of flavors is perfect.

Ohara Shiso Candy

Shiso, commonly known as perilla in many areas of the world, is a common ingredient used in cooking and pickling. This is not the type of flavor I would expect to find in candy and yet it works. It has a slightly citrusy flavor that works well with the sweetness of the candy. I was really surprised by this one.

Sencha Green Tea Fuyu Bancha

I am far from a tea drinker, however, having tried Bokksu for a number of years now I will say I am slowly becoming more accustomed to it. This tea was pretty good. It did lack the bitterness that most teas have which made it much more pleasant to drink.

Aomori Apple Dango Mochi

Before I even opened this up, the scent of apple emanated from the package. I knew I was in for a treat. The mochi was light and chewy, perfect for a small treat. While the apple flavor wasn’t as strong as the smell was, I really enjoyed these. I am glad there were several of these included because, after the first one, I wanted more.

Mori No Madeleine: Apple

This apple jam-filled cake was fantastic. The cake was moist, soft, and fluffy with a flavor that perfectly complimented the apple jam. I honestly could have eaten several more of these they were that good. I would put this one in my top three snacks of the month.

Anno Imo Purple Yam No Tamago

How often do you see an egg-shaped cake? This was my first time experiencing one and I was quite intrigued by it. Not only was the shape interesting but the flavor was surprising. The yam matched perfectly with the cake base creating quite a unique experience.

Stick Financier: Sweet Potato

Bokksu has made me a big fan of sweet potatoes. This cake was light and fluffy with a gentle sweet potato flavor. There was an almost hint of honey to it, though that could have been the sweet potato or the butter coming through. A perfect snack or dessert option.

Hakata Minorika Amaou Chocolate

These little chocolate treats were great. They resembled crunchy cookies with great chocolate flavor and a refreshing hint of strawberry. I want to say there was an additional unlying flavor, almost like another berry was in the mix but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Shion Purple Yam Sandwich Cookie

This one was good and yet odd at the same time. The purple yam flavor was light, while the chocolate cream was light and crunchy. However, as I ate it, I felt like the flavor and texture combination didn’t completely work out. A decent snack that I am sure many others would enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the February 2023 Bokksu. What items from this month’s box would you want to try?

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