February 2023 goals & January review

The second month of 2023 is already here. January certainly flew by for me and it was a busy month. While we are still thoroughly entrenched in winter, the days are getting longer and that means there will be more and more to do in the coming months. This month is bound to be another fairly busy one. To keep myself on track, I create a list of monthly goals. Each month, I assess what needs to get done and adjust my goals to match that. Before we get to my February 2023 goals, I’d like to take a moment to look over how I did with my January goals.

January review

January was light on goals because I knew I would be focusing a lot of my time on blog work. Many days, I was putting in more than 10 hours of work into the blog and while it was exhausting I am happy with how things went this month. This was a nice change of pace from my usual super-busy Januarys of the past.

Life goals

  • Read at least 5 books. Yes, I managed to read 7 books in January.
  • Watch at least 1 season of a show. Yes, I watched 1 season of Frozen Planet II and 1 season of The Way of The Househusband.

Blogging goals

  • Make blog changes and improvements. A lot of January was spent working on the blog making all of the changes necessary. I came close to finishing everything I needed to do however there is plenty left to do but those are things that can be slowly done over the course of the next few weeks or months.
A stack of 7 books read during January.
The books I read in January.

February 2023 goals

February is another light month for goals while I finish making some major changes to the blog.


  • Read at least 5 books. As always, my first goal is to read at least 5 books over the course of the month. This will help me with reducing my large TBR.
  • Clear out my Netflix to-watch list. I have a number of shows on my Netflix to-watch list that have been there for quite some time. This month, I am going to make an effort to watch several of them.
  • Start working on this year’s garden plan. Though it’s still winter, I need to start dedicating time to my garden planning for the year. These next few months are bound to pass quickly, so I need to be ready for when the garden season arrives.

Blogging goals

  • Continue to make changes to the blog. I’m very close to finishing the initial changes and improvements so I will be pushing to get that done this month.

Those are my February 2023 goals. I know I will be able to knock them all out while also enjoying some quiet time. what goals have you set for February?

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