Book Review: Girl of Nightmares

Girl of Nightmares takes place several months after the events of Anna Dressed In Blood and I would highly recommend reading Anna before this one.

Things have obviously changed a bit for the main character Cas. He’s still doing his work as a ghost hunter but it’s obvious his heart isn’t in it. He’s distracted by thoughts of Anna, what’s exactly happened to her, where she went, and most importantly how to save her. He’s still the same guy deep down but on the outside he’s a bit broken, even his friends have to work to get him to cheer up. But Cas is determined to find a way to save Anna. It’s this determination that truly affects most of the story and sets several events in motion.

As far as characters are concerned the same bunch from Anna Dressed In Blood are present with a few new arrivals as well. Of course all the characters that I loved in Anna Dressed In Blood I continued to love in this book, even if they sometimes made stupid decisions along the way. And really it was those stupid decisions that made their characters feels real, there’s nothing worse than a perfect can do nothing wrong character. Of course the one character who I truly loved, outside of Cas, has a fairly small role in this book for the majority of it and that character is Anna. I was somewhat disappointed in this but it made sense for her to be missing from a bulk of the story.

I was glad to see the Obeahman again. I adored this villain in the first book even if he didn’t have a lot of presence within it. While his presence was somewhat small in the beginning of this book his influence could be seen throughout and I got more excited the closer things got to when he would finally truly show up.

However I wasn’t too fond of Jestine, as well as a good number of people from the Order of the Biodag Dubh, mostly because of the way she was introduced not only to the reader but to Cas and Thomas as well. Also she seemed a bit too cocky at times, but I can understand why that is based upon her past and the training she has undergone.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed in this book revolved a bit around the Order of the Biodag Dubh, but more specifically the history and creation of Cas’ Athame, the dagger he uses to kill the ghosts. I had wanted to know more about it, the origin and reason behind this weapon, why there seemed to only be one and why it was attached to Cas’ family. So obviously finding out all of this was pleasing to me.

The ending made me both sad and happy though I cannot say why without ruining the ending for those who hadn’t read this book. Let’s just say that in the end Cas made the right decision.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It had all the right elements to make it a great read, good characters, nice story arc, well written, good flow. Though admit I’m sad that this book ends the series I think it was a very good ending. I would highly recommend this series to lovers of young adult books that have a dash of horror in them. I definitely look forward to reading more books by this author in the future.

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