Book Review: In Bed With a Highlander

I listened to the audiobook version of this book and have to say I quite enjoyed it. The narrator, Kirsten Potter, did a fantastic job of bringing the story and characters to life. Each characters had their own distinct voice, you could feel as well as hear the emotions during certain scenes and she just overall had a pleasant voice to listen to. It really made this book more appealing to me than I think simply reading it would have been.

The story had a very good flow to it, part of this was due to the way it was written as well as the narrator’s voice. A nice amount of back story was given on the characters but not enought o hinder the story progressing in any way.

I instantly hated Duncan Cameron’s character, which I think is the intended reaction to his introduction in the story and what he did in the following chapters did nothing to remove that feeling, in fact it only made my dislike of him grow deeper. Of course every book needs a character or several characters that really want the reader to see them fall because you just hate them so much. There were several characters in this book that fell into that category but none so much as Duncan Cameron.

The betrayal of McCabe from Diarmid ( or however his name is spelled) pissed me off, I totally wanted to reach into the audiobook and strangle the man and yet it was toally fitting for the story as well. There was bound to be some extra treachery and backstabbing in this book and Diarmid’s betrayal was exactly that. I KNEW that McCabe giving the bloody sheet to Duncan Cameron’s man was a bad thing and would come back to haunt him sooner or later and of course it did, which brought even more chaos into the mix.

I found Mairin to be a fairly solid character as well. She wasn’t afraid to fight for what she believed in, knew when to sit back and wait for the right opportunity to say or do something and her bravery throughout the book showed that she wasn’t a weakling, she could take care of herself if need. I enjoyed McCabe’s character as well, he wasn’t perfect but that was what made him feel real, he made mistakes, did things wrong, but would work towards fixing those mistakes and errors later on.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be checking out the rest of the trilogy as well. I would recommend this book to almost anyone but especially those who love romance books with plenty of action within them.

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