January 2020 Japan Crate

Snacks from Japan are delivered to your door! That’s what the Japan Crate subscription box is all about. The New Year-themed box for January brought a new collection of flavors and textures. This is my third month of experiencing Japan Crate. I really enjoyed the November and December crates, so I was excited about the January 2020 Japan Crate,

If you are interested in experiencing some candy and snacks from Japan, then be sure to give Japan Crate a try.

January 2020 Japan Crate

Garlic Kataage Potato Chips

There was something about these potato chips that I just didn’t like. I think it might have been the chili pepper. Whether it was that or the garlic itself, the flavor was just a bit too intense and strange for me.

Fukufuku Candy

These grape-flavored hard candies were quite good.

Grape Donguri Gum

This gum was alright. I’m not a gum person. But, I have to say, the flavor was pretty good. Otherwise, it’s just gum.

Fortune Telling Mont Blanc

I don’t remember this snack standing out much. It was quite small.

Almond Mochi Choco

I have grown to love mochi thanks to trying it previously in this subscription box. This chocolate-cover mochi was wonderful, and then the subtle almond flavor really took this snack to the next level.

Mike Popcorn Gyokuroen Konbu Tea Flavor

I wasn’t expecting much from this, after all, I don’t like tea. However, this popcorn was fantastic. Who would have thought that kelp tea would be so dang tasty, especially on popcorn? I almost wish I could have tried the tea itself as the flavor was so good.

Funny Soft Candy

This was quite an intriguing treat. It contained jelly packets of blueberry, lemon, and strawberry flavors. Sounds good enough right? Ah, but this DIY kit isn’t about those flavors, it’s about creating grape flavor. That’s right! By mixing these three flavors together, the end result was grape-flavored jelly! I was really surprised by this one because it truly tasted like a grape. It was like Japanese candy magic.

Crispy Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with rice cereal and chocolate. This reminded me vaguely of Black Thunder, but not quite as good, though still very tasty.

Chocolate Soft

An “ice cream” made of marshmallows, filled with chocolate, and tucked into a cone. Sounds good right? Honestly, it was just okay. The marshmallow and cone seemed a bit on the stale side, but the chocolate was good.

Doraemon Gum

More gum. It seemed to be very similar to the grape gum, only the flavor was different.

Takenoko No Sato Village Double Nut Cake

I really enjoyed these little cookies. The mix of dark and milk chocolate gave it a unique flavor. I didn’t really taste the hazelnuts or pistachios though. All around, a nice little snack.

Candemina Honey Lemon Soda

These were great gummy snacks. The gummies themselves are not as soft as most gummies. The flavor was wonderfully fruity with just a hint of honey. I did enjoy the shapes, which consisted mostly of bears with a couple of bunnies and pegasus mixed in.

Fettuccine Gummy Cassis Orange Flavor

This was my favorite item. These fettuccine-shaped gummies were fantastic! The orange flavor was light yet bold enough to know that it was orange. I only wish there were more in the package because they were that darn good.

Akabe Gum

What can I say? It’s gum. That’s it.

Kit Kat Mini Party Ice Cream

Japan has a way with Kit Kats. The sheer number of flavors that they have come up with is astounding and every single one I have tried has been great. These Party Ice Cream ones are no exception. It tastes like vanilla ice cream with a slight hint of cake. I really enjoyed these.

Cider Ball

This little cider jelly was pretty good. Though it was almost too small to truly appreciate the flavor and texture.

One-Two Chocolate

The best way to describe this one was a knock-off Kit Kat. It was basically the same idea, chocolate-coated wafer. While good, I can’t say it was as good as an actual Kit Kat.

Coca-Cola Zero Caffeine Ribbon Bottom

I normally wouldn’t drink caffeine-free pop. After all, the reason why most people consume pop is for caffeine. In the end, this was pretty good. It tasted like a regular Japanese Coke, which tastes significantly different (better) than American Coke. The best part was the ribbon.

When it comes to the January 2020 Japan Crate, I enjoyed it. However, I have to say I am slightly disappointed that so much gum is included in these boxes. Every month, three different gums arrive and as a non-gum chewer, I feel like those items are wasted on me. Ignoring that, Japan Crate is a great option for those who want to experience the flavors of Japan without having to travel there to do so. Have you tried Japan Crate?

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  1. Can you give me the exact ingredients of each snacks in the January 2020 Japan Crate? Thanks

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t have that information. You would need to contact the company to see if they can provide that for you.

  2. This is so cool! I just looked the site up, after looking for a link on your post, I couldn’t find one 🙁 I bookmarked this. Hopefully, we can get this for our son in the near future. It’s so awesome!

    1. Thank you. I hope you are able to get it for your son at some point, it’s such a fun and tasty experience.

  3. Very cool review! I always love trying new snacks and I love subscription boxes too. This looks like a fun one I have not tried yet!

    1. Thank you. It certainly is a great way to try something new.

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