January 2020 Tokyo Treat – Cozy Winter’s Night

Food-filled subscription boxes are by far my favorite. While there are many to choose from, one of the best that I have experienced so far is Tokyo Treat. This monthly subscription box brings the flavors of Japan to your door with fun-themed boxes. After trying to November and December boxes I was eager to try more. This month’s theme is cozy winter’s night, highlighting some tasty treats available during the winter. The January 2020 Tokyo Treat flavor highlight is milk. Several items contained within have a milky flavor or texture to them.

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January 2020 Tokyo Treat

Calbee Winter Potato Chips

Plain potato chips are generally my least favorite, as they are quite plain and boring. While these chips would technically fall into the plain chip category, they were actually really good. The saltiness of the chips was where the flavor really stood out. If all plain chips tasted like these I would eat them a lot more often.

Animal Biscuits

These little milk biscuits came in an assortment of fun animal shapes. There was an underlying flavor to them, and I want to say it was honey, but I can’t say for certain. Either way, these biscuits were really good.

Lipton Tropical Charge Tea

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I am not a tea drinker, so initially, I was a bit disappointed that tea had been included. But, I gave it a try and quite enjoyed it. The combination of peach, pineapple, and mango flavor was wonderful.

Character Cookies

There were two flavors of cookies: chocolate and vanilla. While both were good, I have to say I enjoyed the vanilla cookies more. Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate cookies were delicious, however, the overall flavor of the vanilla cookies was phenomenal.

Bubbly Rainbow Taiyaki

Not only was this rainbow taiyaki pleasing to the eyes, but the scent and flavor were also downright amazing. This tasted so much like eating berry-flavored cotton candy that it made me think of the summer while eating it. The filling was slightly hard initially yet as soon as it hit the tongue it turned into a wonderful soft consistency and then melted away. This was my second favorite item this month.

Fluffy Softmallow

A really long twisted multicolored marshmallow. I can’t say this one stood out very much. Realistically, it was just a very big marshmallow. So, if you love marshmallows then this would have been good. To me, it was mediocre.

Giant Milk Calpico

This ice cream was simply a marshmallow in a cone. While it was a neat idea, I must say it wasn’t all that good. Honestly, the best part of it was the cone.

Night Sky Star Candy

Though simple, these little candies were fun to eat. I don’t recall them having any particular flavor though.

Little Mikan Mints

Little is an understatement with these mints. They were downright tiny! The flavor, however, was huge. The mikan flavor resembles that of an orange and complimented the light mint perfectly. You do need to eat quite a few of these to truly experience them.

Cheese Umaibo

I look forward to umaibo each month. They are one of my favorite parts of this subscription box. However, this one was not the best. The cheese flavor just didn’t go well with the corn base.

Choco Cake

While more of a chocolate-coated cookie than a cake, this little snack was delicious. The cookie aspect of it wasn’t overly crunchy, which worked perfectly with the chocolate coating.

Winter Kakigori Gummies

I would say this was my favorite item. They tasted wonderful. The strawberry and mango flavors made me feel like I was eating the fruit itself. The light milky coating brought them to a whole new level.

Maple Hotcakes

These were good. I’ve had them before and you really can’t go wrong with them. The light maple flavor perfectly compliments the soft pancakes.

Diamond Ring Candy

Rings candies are a bit strange for me. I feel like a sucker is a better vessel for a sucking candy, or better yet, make it smaller so it can be a simple sucking candy. That being said, this one was alright. The soda flavoring was quite good, however, after a short time, it seemed to develop a weird aftertaste which was offputting.

Colorful Baby’s Marshmallows

Small colorful marshmallows. That’s really all they are. Nothing special with these.

Dengeki Hunter DIY Kit

This one had a slightly weird flavor and texture, yet I couldn’t stop eating it. It was extremely chewy, so it took a while to eat.

Key Ring Chocolates

These chocolates were simple and tasty. Very reminiscent of Smarties or M&M’s. You really can’t go wrong with these.

Overall, the January 2020 Tokyo Treat was a really good experience. While not every item was my favorite, that’s all a part of trying new food. You may not enjoy them all, but getting to experience something new is the real reason to give them a try. Have you tried Tokyo Treat yet?

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  1. Looks like you got some pretty neat items this month, the rainbow taiyaki sounds really intriguing but I tend to be partial to fruity flavors in candy and treats!

    1. It really was filled with so many neat items. I think you would have loved the rainbow taiyaki.

    1. Japanese sacks are the best!

  2. I love mystery boxes like these. It’s a great way to try snacks from around the world. The Choco Cakes sound delicious. Thanks sharing the goodies you got this month.

    1. Agreed, they are a great way to try new things, especially those that aren’t available even among the international section of grocery stores.

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