January 2024 Book Haul – what I picked up

With the month coming to an end, it’s time to share my January 2024 book haul showing the books I acquired during the month. Though I am trying hard to limit the number of books I buy, I did pick up a few new books in January. These books made it onto my TBR this month and will hopefully not have to wait too long to be read – though I did read one of them in January.

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January 2024 Book Haul

Physical Books

I was kind to my wallet and shelves this month, only purchasing two physical books.

She And Her Cat by Makoto Shinkai & Naruki Nagakawa

Lying alone on the edge of the sidewalk in an abandoned cardboard box, a nameless narrator contemplates the indifferent world around him. With his mother long gone, his only company is the sound of the nearby train. Just as he fears that the end is near, a young woman peers down at him, this fateful encounter changing their lives forever.

So begins the first story in She and Her Cat, a collection of four interrelated, stream-of-conscious short stories in which four women and their feline companions explore the frailty of life, the pain of isolation, and the limits of communication.

With clever narration alternating between the cats and their owners, She and Her Cat offers a unique and sly commentary on human foibles and our desire for connection. A whimsical short story anthology unlike any other, it effortlessly demonstrates that even in our darkest, most lonesome moments, we are still united to this wonderous world—often in ways we could never have expected.

Suzume by Makoto Shinkai

Seventeen-year-old Suzume lives with her aunt in a quiet port town in Kyushu. One day, on her way to school, she runs into a young man searching for something and follows him to a ruin in the hills. But inside, all she finds is a single white door among the rubble. As if pulled by an invisible force, she reaches out to open it…and begins an epic journey across Japan connecting the past, present, and future. Follow Suzume’s adventure in this novelization of the acclaimed animated film Suzume, written by director Makoto Shinkai.


I don’t often buy e-books, simply because I prefer to read physical copies. However, this series caught my eye – mostly because of the cover of A Wolf In Space and I decided to splurge on them.

The Choice of Weapons: The First Roake Gang Novella by Alex Valdiers

Ren is an officer on the rise, going from planetary conquest to conquest, until he crosses path with a senior female officer from his native Japan. His meeting with Izuna ends in a bloody duel — the first of many. As the war against other species progresses, Ren’s obsession for Izuna grows and his discontentment for army life along with it. When Izuna gets isolated on an icy hell, Ren volunteers to rescue her for what may be his ultimate mission.

A Wolf In Space by Alex Valdiers

Gunslinger. Skyhorse rider. Lone Wolf. Malvius is a veteran gunslinger in Larragon, a six-planet solar system with two rivers: two train lines linking each planet together. The two rivers are a beehive for opportunistic merchants and feisty gunslingers.

All you need to survive in Larragon is a skyhorse to roam the open space and a gunblaster to protect your hide and earn your keep. Wild moons and saloons are aplenty, money is easily made and lost, but life for Malvius isn’t about money, it is about helping who needs helping, shooting who needs shooting.

Along comes the Raoke Gang, shattered, their leader wounded, half of the gang incarcerated. Malvius feels compelled to help. Little did he know that simply relaying a message from their leader to the survivors of the Raoke Gang will send him on a wild course of events that will see him facing off a space wizard, assisting a space train heist, and become Larragon’s most wanted man.

A Wolf in Space is the first novel in the Raoke Gang series.


I rarely get or request ARCs but when I saw the opportunity to get this one, I couldn’t pass it up. I read this in January and can’t wait to share my review of it in February.

Serpentus by A.J. Calvin

Dispatched to Stone Hill to oversee the city’s defenses among nebulous rumors of the Shadow Council’s threat, Owen Greenwaters must rely on the city’s guard and its natural defenses to protect the citizens.

But when an army of mythical hooded ones bolstered by a sea serpent and the Soulless arrive in the wake of a terrible storm, he knows there is little he can do beyond hope the walls hold – and pray to the gods he and Stone Hill’s people will survive.

They are outnumbered, outmatched, and without magical support. Owen is the only knight present in the city. They will be overrun.

The Soulless are merciless and rarely take prisoners, but Owen and the survivors of Stone Hill are exceptions…

And some fates are worse than death.

I hope you enjoyed my January 2024 Book Haul. What books did you buy in January?


  1. It looks like you got some great books in January! I’m intrigued the most by She and Her Cat because I got 2 kittens last month, and I like that the book is a collection of short stories about women and their cats.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I think it will be an interesting read, plus it’s one of only a couple Makoto Shinkai books I read read yet. Oh, that’s exciting that you have new kittens.

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