June 2013 Book Haul

June 30, 2013

I did it again. I bought books when I told myself I shouldn’t. And I didn’t just buy one or two, I bought a lot. Now some of these were ordered a while ago, as in last month, but didn’t reach my mailbox until June and as such they were counted for this month. I had actually started out pretty strong in the don’t buy books this month strategy, but then I found out that there was another library sale near the end of the month and my plans to buy nothing were completely shattered. I can’t help it, there’s just so many books I want to buy, so many I want to read and these sales are an amazing opportunity to not only get books for super cheap but to also help out the library as well.

Though I tried hard to avoid buying books this year everything fell apart when I say the library a few hours away from here was having another buck a bag sale. I just couldn’t say no to that. These sales are a great way to support the library, though I only ended up buying two bags of books I gave them twenty dollars for then, since I can never make any of their regular fundraisers, and they were thrilled by that. The other nice thing about these sales is that it gives me the opportunity to get books that I might not have otherwise picked up because the price is right. I got a lot of great books I’m excited about in this sale and a few unexpected finds.

Since I was already in town for the sale and doing a bit of other shopping while I was there I decided to hit up Chapters and the used book store, because clearly all the books I had already bought weren’t enough. Luckily I only found a few at these places to get. And of course by a few I mean a dozen. Though most of these will be quick reads so I had to stock up on them.

Then lastly there were a few books that I ordered online, one of which I ordered last month but didn’t get here until June. The best deal was The Indigo Spell which I got for under three dollars during an hour long sale over at Book Depository. Now I don’t own any of the other books in that series but hard to turn down a deal like that. Among these is one of the books I won during Armchair BEA, Plague In The Mirror. This one sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to when I can sit down and read it. I bought Hard Country and received it this month however it is not pictured above.

Now the ultimate challenge is to fit all of these books on my shelves, which by the way are already full to the brim. I should have bought another shelf when I was in town but the only problem with that is there is no room anywhere in the house to put another shelf.

In total this month I acquired thirty-five new and used books. That number doesn’t even include the books I got for review this month as well. Yes I have a book acquiring problem, but when it comes to other reads I’m sure you will find similar problems. Now that I have so many new books it’s time to buckle down and start reading like crazy. I also need to figure out where to put all these new books because the two shelves I bought a few months back are filled with no room for anything else. I won’t tell myself that next month I’ll buy none because I know it’s a promise I can’t keep.

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