Book Review: To Have And To Hold

June 30, 2013

The author provided me with this book to review.

There was a lot of description in the beginning, almost too much, I didn’t really feel like I was learning much about the setting or anything about the character. Yes there was small bits of information but for a short story it seemed to lack in giving something solid right from the start. All I understood from the beginning is that something was happening to the Jinni and having Amani, one of the Jinni, sent to the human world to marry a scientist there and be studied by him would possibly help the Jinni out.

I didn’t feel any connection to any of the characters and there seemed to be nothing really happening, even though I know there was things happening it wasn’t enough to fully grab my attention.

The mix of new technology and old magic seemed…kind of out of place. While it made sense for this particular story I’m not a huge fan of mixing those two things, I prefer to keep them separate.

While this is a short story intended to be the start of a series of short stories I really don’t see why the publication couldn’t have been put off and had them all published together in on single book. Not enough happened to make me really want to pursue the rest of the series. I suppose this would be good for those who are looking for a quick romantic read that has another story build into it but overall it just didn’t hold any appeal to me. Also I found the cover a bit disturbing, the people are too shiny, too CG looking and most of all it lacks the actual title of the short story.

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