June 2018 goals – what I’m up to this month

Can you believe that it’s June already? The month certainly snuck up on me. It felt as though it was still weeks away, and then suddenly there it was! After having a fantastic May, I am really looking forward to June. For the first time, I am going to create a list of monthly goals. My hope is that having a list to reference and sharing it will help keep me accountable and actually get all these things done. I know June will be fairly busy. I need to make sure that I stay on track and motivated. So, without further ado, let’s get into my June 2018 goals.

June 2018 goals

Gardening Goals

For me, June is the beginning of the gardening season. It’s quite late compared to many people. However, I know that planting any earlier will mean that I will lose plants to cold and frost. We live in a cool-climate area and need to plant according to that.

  • Prep garden for planting. This is usually done in the first two weeks of June. If I’m lucky and the weather is more cooperative than normal, it gets done in late May.
  • Plant the garden. It’s safe to plant here by around June 12-15. That’s generally the point when we no longer have to worry about frost and the nighttime temperatures aren’t too low.
  • Dig up trees in the front yard. We have two conifer trees in one of our front gardens and I want to get rid of them.
  • Build raised beds. Once the trees are gone, I will be building a couple of small raised beds to go into that space.
  • Plant perennials in the front garden. While I’m not much for flowers, having to not plant new ones each year is very appealing. Once the new front beds are done, I will be focusing on putting in perennials – which should come back every year.
  • Get the boy to help. Gardening is my thing. It makes me happy and with such a limited window to work with, I do it all myself. I want to allow my son to start helping me more this year so that he can gain this skill. Knowing how to grow your own food is a valuable life skill.
  • Weed regularly. Weeds pop up so quickly. It’s easy for them to quickly fill the garden. Normally I let them pile up, then it’s like fighting a losing battle. This month I will check regularly for weeds and pick any that I see, no matter how small they are.
An empty garden is full of potential.

Life Goals

  • Read at least 2 books. I love reading. However, over the past few months, I have barely touched any books. I have so many unread books in my house, that I really need to start going through them. If I can read two of them this month, that will put a teeny tiny dent in my to-be-read pile.
  • Make and stick to a meal plan for the month. We normally plan our meals out a week at a time. However, for June we are trying a whole-month meal plan. We are hoping this will help us use up the many items in our freezer and pantry while cutting down on our grocery bills.
  • Finalize our budget. Our family has decided to embrace having a budget to help us cut down on costs. While we are good with money, there is always room for improvement. In May we started work on our budget. Now that we have had some time to look it over, we see some areas that need adjustments. Then we will be ready to implement it.
  • Organize the bathroom. This is my latest declutter project and now that all of the extra stuff is gone, it’s time to properly organize it.
  • Declutter at least one room. I am working on an entire house decluttering project. I would like to get at least one room fully decluttered over the month.

Blog Goals

  • Grow my followers on all social media platforms. I did pretty darn good in May with gaining followers, especially on Twitter. This month I want to continue that growth and work on those that aren’t growing as quickly.
  • Get ahead. So far I have been mostly flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to getting posts ready. Even this one was frantically put together last night.
  • Connect with more bloggers. The blogging community is huge but a vital part of growing and learning. While I have connected with a number of great bloggers, I would like to meet more of them and gain knowledge from their experiences.
  • Finish setting up my work desk. Right now my desk is full of chaos. To properly focus on my blog, I will need a workspace. I will clean away the clutter and remove as many distractions as I can.


  1. Seems like you have a busy month ahead of you! But laying it all out like this is sure to help keep you on track. Good luck on meeting all those goals and accomplishing your June objectives. You can do it!

    1. June tends to be a busy month since it’s finally nice enough (usually) to spend all kinds of time outside and then there is still the stuff to do inside. I’m sure now that I have written it all down that I will be able to get things done. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! My desk tends to vary between two stages, clean and organized or chaotic and overwhelming. I’m pretty sure it never reaches the midway point between the two.

  2. Great post! Have you heard of Mari Kondo’s “The Magic Art of Tidying Up?” I’m a huge fan of it and it would align really well with so many of your goals, Jill (stilljill.com) x

    1. I have heard of her book, though I haven’t read it. I’ve also watched lots of videos of people doing the KonMari method of decluttering. I do take inspiration from her method, along with a few other decluttering methods, to make it work for me.

  3. Thanks. I’m sure I will get them all done!

  4. I think it’s wonderful that you set monthly goals! I will have to do this for July. I like the idea of planning the meals for the entire month – as long as I can be flexible for sudden sales or mismatched serving sizes.

    1. It’s really my first time trying to set monthly goals. Normally I just mentally make goals and that results in rarely meeting them. That’s why I hope writing them down will help me stick to them. I definitely feel like our monthly meal plan has flexibility to it. We have stuck to it almost every day, but twice we deviated from it. Once because none of us were really all that hungry and the other time we were having an extra busy day, so we ended up swapping that planned dinner with a quicker dinner that had been planned later for the month.

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