March 2023 Bokksu – Sakura In Kyoto

March ushers in another delivery from Bokksu. Every month, I look forward to seeing what theme awaits me in this snack box subscription. Each month highlights a different region, along with a theme that may be a specific flavor or season. With sakura season just around the corner, it’s no surprise that the theme of the March 2023 Bokksu is Sakura In Kyoto. This time of year, Japan is sakura-obsessed. The trees are in bloom and people flock from all over to see them. Not only that, food and drinks flavored with sakura pop up everywhere. Bokksu allows those of us who are stuck outside of Japan to experience these sakura-flavored items, along with a few other popular flavors.

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March 2023 Bokksu

Pure Potato: Butter No Miwaku And Rock Salt

You can’t go wrong with potato chips. I’ve tried a number of fantastic potato chips from Bokksu. These chips were okay. Honestly, they tasted like plain potatoes, I was expecting the butter and salt to be more pronounced but it was very faint. In the end, it was still a decent snack but would have been better had the flavor been stronger.

Strawberry Cake Gummy

These gummies were great. The flavor was spot on and I couldn’t help but devour them. I loved that the pieces looked like cake slices. I would love to try them again.

Kyoto Sable: Ume

Ume-flavored items are always a hit. I really enjoyed these little cookies. The plum flavor was great and the cookies themselves had a nice crunch and the light sugar coating on top added an extra bit of sweetness.

Koropon Momotaro Sakupuff Chocolat: Peach

These light biscuits had a strong peach smell but the flavor was lacking. However, I really loved how flaky they were and would have happily eaten more of them.

Morokoshi Cookie: Sakura Horohoro

I had these back in the April 2022 Bokksu and really enjoyed them then. Once again, these little treats had a nice strong sakura flavor, so it was great to be able to have them again.

Sakura Mochi

With a light sakura flavor and the typical chewiness of mochi, these snacks are perfect. I love mochi and always dive into these snacks first.

Sakura Souffle

This souffle is one of my favorite items from this month. The flavor was wonderful and the souffle was perfectly soft and moist. It would make an excellent little dessert or a sweet snack.

Sakura Cake

Another favorite item. Any time cake is included in Bokksu I know I am in for a treat. This cake was delicious! So soft and moist that I could have sworn it was baked that day. I would happily eat a dozen of these and still want more.

Hana Iroiro Hatsune Okaki

I loved these crackers. They were the perfect sweet and savory snack, with the soy sauce flavor complimenting the sugar coating perfectly.

Yatsuhashi Senbei Black Sesame

Black sesame is not a flavor I enjoy. However, my husband loved it, so I passed this snack on to him. He really enjoyed it.

Uji Matcha Chocolate Cookies

Matcha and chocolate come together to make the perfect sweet treat. The matcha used in these cookies is from Gion Tsujiri, a teahouse in Kyoto that has been crafting teas for over 800 years.

Organic Genmaicha Tea

As a non-tea drinker, I often find it hard to properly judge whether a particular tea is good or not. This one was alright, I didn’t love it nor did I hate it.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Dango Mochi

I did not like this one at all. The matcha powder on the outside felt strange on my tongue and the flavor of the mochi itself was wrong. However, my husband enjoyed these quite a bit.

Vegetable Arare: Tomato

I feel like we don’t get enough tomato-flavored snacks, so this arare was a pleasant surprise. The tomato flavor was wonderful and I could easily see myself eating handfuls of these if I could find a large bag of them.

Shiki Oriori: Haru

These rice crackers were wonderful. I loved the various flavors that were included and made for a fun little snack.

Handmade Matcha Choco Arare

I feel conflicted about this snack. Part of it I loved and part of it I hated. The little rice crackers were great. However, the matcha chocolate was pretty gross in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the March 2023 Bokksu. Have you tried Bokksu?

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