March 2023 goals & February review

Another month has snuck up upon us and I feel highly unprepared for it. Ready or not for the month ahead, it’s important to set up monthly goals to keep myself on track to ensure I am making the most of the month. This is the month when spring teases it’s arrival but we don’t let those warm weather days fool us – winter will stick around for a while. Even so, it means the potential for spending a bit more time outside and slowly shifting goals to match the changing weather. Before we get into my March 2023 goals, I’d like to review how I did with February’s goals.

February review

I didn’t set too many goals in February as I was working on finalizing a lot of big changes on the blog. That being said, I did well with the few goals I had set.


  • Read at least 5 books. Yes, Come see what I read in February.
  • Clear out my Netflix to-watch list. I didn’t completely clear my Netflix to-watch list, but I put a decent dent in it. I watched 1 season of Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan and 1 season of Romantic Killer.
  • Start working on this year’s garden plan. Yes. While it’s not 100% done, I’m happy with what I have worked out so far.

Blogging goals

  • Continue to make changes to the blog. Yes. While there are still plenty of smaller changes I need to do, the larger ones are done.

March 2023 goals

March is when the weather starts to get warmer, though there is plenty of winter weather left here. This is when I really start thinking about the garden and enjoying more time outside on the nicer days. I know this month will be decently busy, so I am setting only a few goals.


  • Read at least 5 books. I have far more than 5 books picked out for the month, however, at a bare minimum, I’d like to read 5 books.
  • Clear out my Netflix to-watch list. There are only a few shows left to watch, so I’m hopeful I can get through them this month.
  • Finalize this year’s garden plan. I got most of my garden planning done last month. However, I know there are some tweaks and additions to be made and that’s what I will be working on this month.
  • Start planting seeds. It’s time to start planting some seeds, especially for plants that take a long time to grow, like tomatoes and some flowers. I will be getting as many of those planted this month as possible.

Blogging goals

  • Start posting regularly. I haven’t had a lot of time to do much posting on the blog with all the changes I have been making. I want to change that this month and get a regular posting schedule up and running again. My goal is one post per week at the moment.
  • Continue to make changes to the blog. I still have a lot of smaller changes to push through and those will be done over the next few months but I will get as much done as I can this month.

Those are my March 2023 goal. What goals do you have for the month?

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