May 2024 Reading Wrap-up

I had grand plans of tackling numerous neglected ebooks in May but then life happened and I ended up not touching books for most of the month. However, despite that, I did read a lot of books, mostly rereads, in the first week of the month. So, while I hit my reading goal for the month of at least 10 books, the books I intended to read didn’t exactly happen. I also had a surprising number of DNFs, all of which were audiobooks. My May 2024 Reading Wrap-up goes over the books I did get to in May.

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May 2024 Reading Wrap-up

Yona of the Dawn Vol 41 by Mizuho Kusanagi

I don’t know what I can say about this one without giving off too many spoilers for the story. Like so many previous volumes, I was hooked from the beginning and I cannot believe the characters and story have come so far.

The stakes keep getting raised and while I am excited to see what comes next I am also fearful because I’m not sure everything will work out in the end. If you haven’t started this series yet, I highly recommend that you do.

My Happy Marriage Vol 3 by Akumi Agitogi

Another great addition to this series. While poor Miyo can’t catch a break, even when meeting Kiyok’as parents, she has grown so much from the first volume that even when she is putting up with people’s crap, she is also fighting for herself, for Kiyoka, and for their relationship.

Kiyoka also has his hands full investigating a fiend stalking a nearby village. I enjoyed seeing more of Kiyoka’s family, even if his mother is a terrible person and the reason why he is the head of the household instead of his father.

I look forward to seeing what comes next for these two.

A Galaxy Next Door Vol 2 by Gido Amagakure

I’ve been rereading this series so it’s fresh in my mind before diving into the recently released final volume.

While this volume does have some slow spots, it allows us to learn more about the characters, and their past, and see some developments that will play a part in the rest of the series. I love how the two main characters compare their real-life experiences to manga volumes.

Ichiro and Shiori’s relationship is growing and it’s wonderful to see them navigate their feelings and the complications that come from them.

A Bride’s Story Vol 2 by Kaoru Mori

This was a phenomenal book. We get to see more of the daily lives of the family and village, which by itself is interesting. However, where this one shines is the conflict that is presented when Amir’s family shows up.

Watching everyone come together to defend their homes showed how close-knit the community is. We are also provided some background about Mr. Smith and see the beginning of the next stage of his journey. I cannot recommend this series enough.

Fly Me To The Moon Vol 3 by Kenjiro Hata

I love this series so much. Nasa and Tsukasa are so darn cute together and even a simple trip to visit Nasa’s parents turns into an entertaining journey – especially when Chitose shows up. It was fun to watch Nasas prove he is worthy of Tsukasa to Chitose, and it really shows how much he cares for her and that he will do whatever is needed to make sure she and those who are important to her are happy.

Toss in the visit with Nasa’s parents and these two had quite an interesting time on their ‘honeymoon’. I cannot wait to continue this series.

Mao Vol 2 by Rumiko Takahashi

I enjoyed this volume quite a bit. Mao and Nanoka work together to defeat a number of enemies while also trying to figure out their connection to each other and what Byoki has to do with it.

With the help of a fellow classmate, Nanoka begins to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding her parents’ death and those answers may be the key to what ties her to Mao. However, this leads to more questions about those in her life and what her future holds.

Ouran High School Host Club Vol 1 by Bisco Hatori

I decided to restart this series so I can finally finish it without forgetting what had happened.

Watching Haruhi navigate through her initial encounter and recruitment into the Host Club. However, the truly entertaining part is watching the antics this club gets up to, and it’s only the first volume!

All of their quirks and outlandish ways make for a fun, and sometimes weird, story. I look forward to continuing on with this series and finally getting to the end.

Ranma 1/2 Vol 3 by Rumiko Takahashi

After being introduced to Kodachi in the previous volume, we now get to see her in her element – martial arts gymnastics – where she will take on Ranma. The zaniness of this fight fills a decent chunk of this volume and shows the extreme lengths Kodachi will go to win.

We are also introduced to the next obstacle of Ranma and Akane’s relationship, and that is the figure skating pair, Azusa and Mikado.

Horimiya Vol 2 by HERO

This was a great continuation of the series. We can see Hori and Miyamura tackle some unexpected challenges in their relationship. We also get to meet several other students from the school, namely the members of the student council, and how Hori regularly helps them out.

We learn more about Miyamura’s past, how he dealt with being a loner, and a look at his new friendships with Hori, Ishikawa, and Yuki. These four are an interesting collection of characters and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for all of them – but especially for Hori and Miyamura.

Maid-sama! Vol 1 by Hiro Fujiwara

Another reread so that I can finish the series.

As far as a series beginning goes, this one is pretty good. Misaki has her hands full keeping her job a secret from the people at her school but when Usui finds out her secret, things get complicated. Misaki comes a long way in this volume and learns some valuable lessons. These two butt heads numerous times and have some things to work out between them if they are ever to fully get along.

My only frustration with this series is that Usui is very much a stalker at first and it’s hard to accept that his actions and intentions are genuine.

Ranma 1/2 Vol 4 by Rumiko Takahashi

The figure skating competition was hilarious and of course, has a strong martial arts element to it. During this, we get to see moments where Ranma does care for Akane and will do whatever he can to protect her from harm. These two have a long way to go still, but these small steps in the right direction make a big difference.

The addition of Shampoo to the story adds a new level of crazy. Not only do we get to learn how Ranma first encountered her but watch as he fights, literally, to get her to leave him alone.

Month 2024 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 11
  • Books purchased: 2
  • Books unhauled: 7
  • Books DNF’d: 6

I hope you enjoyed my May 2024 Reading Wrap-up. What books did you read in May?

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