Book Review: Mermaid Saga Vol 1 by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: Mermaid Saga Vol 1

Author: Rumiko Takahashi

Series: Mermaid Saga #1

Page Count: 392

Publish Date: November 17, 2020

Publisher: Viz

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They say that if one consumes mermaid flesh, one can attain immortality. Unfortunately, the more likely results include becoming horribly deformed or turning into a vicious monster! Even if one were to gain eternal life, however, is such an anomaly a lucky blessing or a terrible curse?

Yuta became immortal when he unwittingly ate mermaid flesh, and now he seeks a way to become human again. Hundreds of years later, he encounters a volatile and determined young lady named Mana while searching for a mermaid. Could this mysterious woman hold the key to saving Yuta’s humanity?

Mermaid Saga Vol 1

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My Review:

Consuming mermaid flesh can grant immortality, turn you into a monster, or kill you. Yuta, who unknowingly ate mermaid flesh and was granted immortality has been on a quest for hundreds of years to track down a mermaid – for it is said they can undo the curse of immortality.

Yuta certainly has had an interesting and complicated life. He has lived for so long and all he wants is his mortality back.

Yet how does one even find a mermaid? And can it truly remove the immortality curse?

While the book does start a bit slow, it does pick up quite a bit once he reaches the village where Mana lives.

Mana has lived a sheltered life surrounded by old ladies. In fact, the entire village is comprised of women and they are all hiding secrets.

While much is still a mystery at this point, we get to see enough to have some understanding of how the village works.

The pace picks up from here as Yuta is confronted by the villagers and quite a bit of fighting happens. It is through this that he encounters Mana and an unexpected adventure begins.

However, the ladies of the village aren’t done with Yuta, as Mana is important to them and they will stop at nothing to get her back.

Mana, having lived a very sheltered life, handles things quite well. She has very little knowledge of the outside world and Yuta is the first man she has met.

Their first bit of time together is filled with danger as they encounter lost souls, those who had consumed mermaid flesh but were turned into monsters. These creatures are extremely dangerous, yet Yuta has little to worry about as he is immortal, but he has to fight to protect Mana.

As things continue, we gain a bit more knowledge about Yuta and Mana’s lives. We find out why Mana was in the village and her intended destiny is revealed. We also learn more about Yuta’s many years of life and the various people he has met along the way.

It’s clear that outliving everyone he has met has been a burden and it makes his quest to gain his mortality back even more important. However, with Mana in tow, things are a bit more complicated.

Even so, he is determined to protect her and teach her how to live away from the village as he continues on his journey.

As they move on, the number of lost souls and people who have gained immortality increases. It’s surprising to see how many people have eaten mermaid flesh given how hard it is to find. But can any of them help Yuta and Mana find what they are looking for?

These encounters are a mix of good and bad, yet they all propel the story forward and help Yuta, Mana, and the reader learn more about the world.  The stumbling blocks some of these encounters put before them do help with character and world-building.

Mana especially grows quite a bit in this volume. She has lived such a sheltered life and has so much to learn, yet Yuta is there to help and protect her and she is sure to grow even more as the series continues.

Overall, this is a good start to the series. Quite a bit happens and while we have learned plenty about the world, the people, and the mermaids, there is much more to discover. The question still remains, can these two find that they are looking for and reverse the immortality curse? Or are they doomed to walk the world together forever?

The next book in the series is on my TBR and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for these two along with the others they meet along the way, both in the past and present.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Mermaid Saga Vol 1. Have you read this series?

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