Title: The Library of the Unwritten Author: A. J. Hackwith Series: Hell’s Library #1 Page Count: 382 Publish Date: October 1, 2019 Publisher: Ace Buy The Library of the Unwritten at Amazon. Synopsis: Many years ago, Claire was named Head Librarian of the Unwritten Wing– a neutral space in Hell where all the stories unfinished by their authors reside. Her job consists mainly of repairing and organizing books, but also of keeping an eye on restless stories that risk materializing as characters and escaping the library. When a Hero escapes from his book and goes in search of his author, Claire must track and captureRead More →

Title: My Happy Marriage Vol 2 Author: Akumi Agitogi Series: My Happy Marriage #2 (light novel) Page Count: 186 Publish Date: July 12, 2022 Publisher: Yen On Buy My Happy Marriage Vol 2 at Amazon. Synopsis: RELATIONSHIP GROWING PAINS… When Miyo Saimori, the unwanted daughter of a declining noble family, is married off to coldhearted military commander Kiyoka Kudou, no one expects their betrothal to last. Against all odds, however, the unlikely couple find themselves drawn to each other’s kindness, and their engagement becomes official. Wanting to prove herself to her talented fiancé, Miyo starts studying etiquette with the goal of making her social debutRead More →

Title: Came The Mirror & Other Tales Author: Rumiko Takahashi Page Count: 208 Publish Date: February 15, 2022 Publisher: Viz Media Buy Came The Mirror & Other Tales at Amazon. Synopsis: Five intimate magical-realist tales from manga legend Rumiko Takahashi! A supernatural mirror compels a teenager to draw out and destroy the evil lurking within others. But will his duty destroy him? A has-been manga creator acquires the power to curse his competition. Is it worth it? A pet cat possesses a human—warning, side effects may include partial transmogrification… And more! Plus, a rare behind-the-scenes autobiographical story about Takahashi’s lifelong love affair with manga (and friendshipRead More →

Title: Legends & Lattes Author: Travis Baldree Series: Legends & Lattes Page Count: 304 Publish Date: November 8, 2022 Publisher: Tor Synopsis: After a lifetime of bounties and bloodshed, Viv is hanging up her sword for the last time. The battle-weary orc aims to start fresh, opening the first ever coffee shop in the city of Thune. But old and new rivals stand in the way of success ― not to mention the fact that no one has the faintest idea what coffee actually is. If Viv wants to put the blade behind her and make her plans a reality, she won’t be able toRead More →

Title: Mermaid Saga Vol 1 Author: Rumiko Takahashi Series: Mermaid Saga #1 Page Count: 392 Publish Date: November 17, 2020 Publisher: Viz Buy Mermaid Saga Vol 1 at Amazon. Synopsis: They say that if one consumes mermaid flesh, one can attain immortality. Unfortunately, the more likely results include becoming horribly deformed or turning into a vicious monster! Even if one were to gain eternal life, however, is such an anomaly a lucky blessing or a terrible curse? Yuta became immortal when he unwittingly ate mermaid flesh, and now he seeks a way to become human again. Hundreds of years later, he encounters a volatile andRead More →

Title: Serpentus Author: A.J. Calvin Series: The Relics of War Page Count: 266 Publish Date: February 27, 2024 Publisher: Indie Buy Serpentus at Amazon. Synopsis: Dispatched to Stone Hill to oversee the city’s defenses among nebulous rumors of the Shadow Council’s threat, Owen Greenwaters must rely on the city’s guard and its natural defenses to protect the citizens. But when an army of mythical hooded ones bolstered by a sea serpent and the Soulless arrive in the wake of a terrible storm, he knows there is little he can do beyond hope the walls hold – and pray to the gods he and Stone Hill’sRead More →

Title: Rin-ne Vol. 1 Author: Rumiko Takahashi Series: Rin-ne #1 Page Count: 176 Publish Date: October 20, 2009 Publisher: Viz Media Buy Rin-ne Vol. 1 at Amazon. Synopsis: After a mysterious encounter in her childhood, Sakura Mamiya gained the power to see ghosts. Now a teenager, she just wishes the ghosts would leave her alone! Then one day she meets Rinne Rokudo, a boy who is far more than what he seems. As a child Sakura Mamiya mysteriously disappeared in the woods behind her grandma’s home. She returned whole and healthy, but since then she has had the power to see ghosts. Now a teenager,Read More →

Title: Exile by A.J. Calvin Series: The Caein Legacy Genre: Fantasy Intended Age Group: Adult Pages: 265 Published: May 24, 2023 Publisher: Self-Published Content/Trigger Warnings: Shown on Page (things clearly told to the reader): Attempted murder Blood Death Divorce Violence Alluded to (things only mentioned in passing or hinted at): Domestic abuse Murder Questionable sexual consent Execution Book Blurb: Andrew grew up in the royal palace of Novania, the eldest son of the queen. He went on to achieve fame and glory as a renowned soldier, and was eventually named commander of the king’s army. The kingdom believed he would be named heir to theRead More →

Title: The Savior’s Book Café Story in Another World Vol. 1 Author: Kyouka Izumi & Oumiya Series: The Savior’s Book Café Story In Another World #1 Page Count: 164 pages Publish Date: December 21, 2021 Publisher: Seven Seas Buy The Savior’s Book Café Story in Another World Vol. 1 at Amazon. Synopsis: Tsukina is a single, thirty-something office worker who’s favorite thing is curling up with a good book. When a god tells her that she must go to another world to become its magical savior, Tsukina isn’t interested. She has zero desire to go on some grand hero’s journey. So when she arrives in thisRead More →

August has come and gone in a blink and so has my reading for the month. I started off with a very ambitious monthly TBR and managed to get through a decent chunk of it. Every book I read helps me to get my large TBR under control. The August 2023 Reading Wrap-up goes over the books I read during the month and my thoughts on them. The post may contain affiliate links. This means that should you make a purchase after following one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. August 2023 Reading Wrap-up Yona ofRead More →