Book Review: My Happy Marriage Vol 2 by Akumi Agitogi

Title: My Happy Marriage Vol 2

Author: Akumi Agitogi

Series: My Happy Marriage #2 (light novel)

Page Count: 186

Publish Date: July 12, 2022

Publisher: Yen On

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When Miyo Saimori, the unwanted daughter of a declining noble family, is married off to coldhearted military commander Kiyoka Kudou, no one expects their betrothal to last. Against all odds, however, the unlikely couple find themselves drawn to each other’s kindness, and their engagement becomes official. Wanting to prove herself to her talented fiancé, Miyo starts studying etiquette with the goal of making her social debut at an upcoming dinner party. When she refuses to confide in anyone about her dreams (which are becoming more terrifying by the night), though, her health rapidly declines. This provides a third party the perfect opportunity to widen the rift developing between Miyo and Kiyoka…

My Happy Marriage Vol 2

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My Review:

This review may contain minor spoilers for My Happy Marriage Vol 1.

Much like the first volume, the prologue feels disjointed since it shows events that happen midway through the novel. I almost feel as though the prologue can be skipped so this moment in the book comes naturally with the story.

Kyoka’s sister, Hazuki, adds some flare to the story. She is here to help Miyo learn everything there is about being a good housewife and though she can be stern at times, her presence and teaching have such a positive effect on Miyo.

It’s good that Miyo has this new direction in her life and that she can focus on learning all these new skills but one big flaw she still possesses is her fears.

She fears asking for help, she fears talking about issues, and she fears plenty still. And yet, I can completely understand this.

Her life has been rough until recently and regressing into her previous ways of being quiet and trying not to draw attention to herself will be something hard for her to drop. Yet, with each positive thing that happens to her, you can see her shedding that old fearful self.

She has a long way to go before she can be truly open at all times, and perhaps a bit of fear will always reside in her, but watching her come out of that shell is a big draw in this story.

But of course, she must first tackle numerous hurdles and a big one is her previously unknown family.

Miyo’s family, her cousin and grandfather are another batch of horrible people. After she has made so much progress in moving on from the torments of her stepmother and sister, she must now deal with her maternal family.

From their first meeting on the streets to when they are officially introduced as family, Arata exudes an aura that made me hate him. And I was right to feel that way.

Between his manipulative ways, his interactions with both Miyo and Kiyoka, and his deep connections with those working in the shadows. Even when he does try to be helpful to the situation, you have to question whether he is doing it for clout or to win over Miyo.

As we learn more about the Usuba family, it’s easy to see why they have hidden away and why Miyo’s mother did what she did. I wish I could say more on this, but it’s a spoiler.

There is a decent amount of action in this volume, as Kiyoka and the anti-grotesqueries forces must fight to protect the city from an unexpected encounter with grotesqueries. This is where the fantasy element of this story comes through and it’s something I have been looking forward to since getting hints of them in the first volume.

Kiyoka certainly has his hands full in this volume and I can see he is stretched thin, wishing he could help Miyo more but also has his duties to attend to. Not to mention, the restrictions he must deal with thanks to the Usuba family.

It is good to see that despite everything that happens in this volume, he is still there for Miyo and their relationship has grown quite a bit. They are still figuring each other out but with each barrier they push through, they grow stronger together.

Though her time with her family has been limiting, it’s key to having Miyo come into her own. Though her powers and confidence are new and weak, she is the only one who can help.

Despite so many people trying to stand in her way, Miyo grows so much during this volume. She isn’t entirely confident, but she’s learning to stand up for herself, Kiyoka, and their relationship.

Not only that, but she is finding her place in the world.

Overall, this was a fantastic continuation of the series. We get to experience multiple highs and lows, Miyo grows quite a bit despite numerous setbacks, and we learn a lot more about the world, the emperor, and the grotesqueries. I look forward to seeing what comes in the next volume but know it likely won’t be a smooth ride for Kiyoka and Miyo just yet.

I hope you enjoyed my review of My Happy Marriage Vol 2. Have you read this book?

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