Book Review: My Happy Marriage Vol 1 by Akumi Agitogi

Title: My Happy Marriage Vol 1

Author: Akumi Agitogi

Series: My Happy Marriage #1

Page Count: 156

Publish Date: January 18, 2022

Publisher: Yen Press

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​Born talentless to a noble family famous for their supernatural abilities, Miyo Saimori is forced into an existence of servitude by her abusive stepmother. When Miyo finally comes of marriageable age, though, her hopes of being whisked away to a better life crumble after she discovers her fiancé’s identity: Kiyoka Kudou, a commander apparently so cold and cruel that his previous would-be brides all fled within three days of their engagements. With no home to return to, Miyo resigns herself to her fate—and soon finds that her pale and beautiful husband-to-be is anything but the monster she expected. As they slowly open their hearts to each other, both realize the other may be their chance at finding true love and happiness.

Cover image of My Happy Marriage Vol. 1

My Happy Marriage Vol 1

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My Review:

The prologue was interesting but felt odd since the events in it don’t happen until partway through the book. It felt more like a preview of what was to come than a true prologue. Regardless, it did catch my attention and prompted me to keep reading.

This story gives off Cinderella vibes, as Miyo is treated like a servant and it’s only through her upcoming marriage can she escape that life. Yes, it is also quite different from it, as there is a fantasy element as well.

Miyo is a wonderful character who has had a hard life and seeing her development throughout this volume was fantastic. She has a long way to go to completely come out of her shell and become the woman she’s meant to be but it’s amazing to see her progress

Now, admittedly, there are times when Miyo’s behavior stands out as almost annoying. It’s those times when she is given some small bit of kindness and she becomes overly happy and thankful.

I understand why she has such extreme reactions to kindness, as she has been denied that most of her life, but it does get a bit sad and repetitive in the story.

A lot of that is thanks to Kiyoka. He’s a good guy but seems rough, especially at the beginning, but much like Miyo, he comes a long way throughout, and in turn, Miyo helps him a ton too.

And we can’t forget about Yurie, a servant of Kiyoka’s, and she has a huge impact on both of their lives. I am so glad she was there for Miyo to have someone to open up to and trust while she worked out how she felt about Kiyoka and their relationship. Plus having someone who could help her adjust to her new home and life.

Let’s not forget about Miyo’s terrible family. I love them, in that I love villains kind of way, but wow, what terrible people they are! Her sister, Kaya, is the epitome of evil step-sister and this is where the Cinderella vibes come in. Her mission to ruin Miyo in every possible way makes her a wonderful villain but man she needs to learn some respect.

Miyo’s stepmother isn’t any better. She only sees Miyo as a burden, nothing more than a household servant. She is just as bad, if not worse than Kaya and I want them both out of Miyo’s life forever.

Miyo’s father is….well, he doesn’t have a lot of time on the page but overall he seems pretty darn indifferent towards Miyo. I had hoped he would be better than the stepmother but in the end, he’s not, mostly because he doesn’t care about Miyo unless its to his benefit.

Kouji is a good man, he obviously cares about Miyo and while he doesn’t have a lot of page time, in the end, he totally steps up and helps Miyo and Kiyoka a ton. I appreciate his contribution to the story and couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t done the right thing.

Let’s not forgot to mention Kouji’s father, another damn villain. Seriously, how many people are there to mess with Miyo’s life?

The world-building was great. Very subtle, weaved throughout the volume. We learn about the Grotesqueries and the ability known as Spirit-Sight that some families have, which is an important tool in fighting the Grotesqueries. With Miyo lacking the gift of Spirit-Sight, she is “useless” and only a pawn in her family’s political games.

I do look forward to seeing more about Spirit-Sight, Grotesqueries, and everything else this series has to offer. But of course, the thing I look forward to the most is the development of Miyo and Kiyoka’s relationship. I know they tackled several hurdles this volume but there will inevitably be many more in the coming volumes and I just want them to be safe and happy together.

I will make sure this series takes priority from my TBR, as I need to know what comes next for Miyo and Kiyoka.

I hope you enjoyed my review of My Happy Marriage Vol 1. Have you read this light novel yet?

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