Monday Progress Report #19

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Autumn Bones by Jacqueline Carey

What I did Last Week


The trend of not getting any reading done continues.


I once again didn’t watch much. With my parents visiting they take over the TV and watch all their stupid shows that I just can’t stand (including episodes that are reruns that they have already seen), so I basically avoided the TV at all costs.


The parents have been here for almost a week and I cannot wait til tomorrow when they leave. On the upside, I did get my dad to build me a couple of new raised beds for the gardens, so I am busy filling those up with dirt and prepping them for planting.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I am hoping to get some reading done this week, but I can’t say exactly what I will read. Possibly a Murder, She Wrote book just to get back into the swing of reading. Or I may pick up one of my partially read books.


Not sure exactly what I will watch, but I will likely go through some of the shows on the PVR again since I haven’t been able to watch anything for a week.


The weather is turning even nicer this upcoming week. So this should give me the time and weather I need to finish the last few big garden projects – as long as we don’t get another cold snap with snow like we did last week.

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