Review: Autumn Bones

After recently rereading the first book, Dark Currents, I was excited to continue on with the trilogy to see what lay next for Daisy and all of the other characters. Once I started to read Autumn Bones, my excitement waned a bit.

Set a couple of months after the events of Dark Currents, things are a bit slow to start with. I don’t know why, but I had an almost instant dislike of Sinclair when I started reading this, which is odd because I kind of liked his character before. I think that was the first sign that I wouldn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would.

The overall pace of the novel felt slow. There were times when things were happening quickly and I enjoyed those parts because there was something, or several somethings, happening to keep my attention. But the vast majority of the book felt like it was dragging, trying to have side stories to fill the pages while the main story slowly formed.

One upside to this book is we get to see quite a bit of development of some of the side characters, like Stefan, Jen, Bethany and Cody, along with some others. It was nice to finally get a bit more information on them, especially when it came to Stefan’s background, which up til now was a pretty big mystery. Daisy’s character grows nicely in this book, sure she makes mistakes along the way, but that makes her more real and accepting than if she did everything perfectly.

Now let’s talk a moment about the thing that really bothered me in this book, and that was the love triangle. Or was it a square? Perhaps an octagon? Hell I don’t even know what shape to call it, all I know is there were too many male love interests in it when it came to Daisy, too many conflicting emotions, her wanting all of them and them all wanting her, yet she doesn’t want all of them. It made me kind of hate the book, because I completely detest love triangles.

There were times when I enjoyed this book more than the previous one, yet I also didn’t like it as much. I feel very conflicted about this one, which is why I gave it a middle rating of three stars. I will be reading the last of the trilogy at some point soon, because I do want to finish it and see where things end up at, but I’m no longer wanting to dive into it. I would still recommend this series, but perhaps less so than when I had only read the first book.

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