Monday Progress Report #18

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Dark Beauties And Black Horses by Melissa Holbrook Pierson

What I did Last Week




The TV was fairly neglected this week. The only thing I ended up watching was The Karate Kid, the 1984 original movie, for family movie night. I’ve lost track of how many times I have watched this movie over the years and I always enjoy it. This was the first time our son got to watch it and while he was a bit bored during the first half, by the end of the movie he said it was really good.


It was a crazy week. We spent a few days cleaning the entire house, organizing and tossing some things. Another day was devoted to cleaning out the shed. In doing this we discovered part of the floor is severely rotted and will need to be fixed soon. The garden is getting closer to being completely ready. I planted onions and they are already starting to grow. The horseradish survived the winter and is growing nicely as well.

I also ended up playing quite a bit of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I only recently returned to playing this game and the double XP for the week was major incentive to play as much as I could. Just trying to not let it take over my life like it did in the past.

What I Plan To Do This Week


For the third week in a row, I will once again be trying to finish up Perdition. Hopefully I will be successful in accomplishing this during the week, since I really want to see how the rest of the story progresses.


Not sure what I will end up watching this week, all depends on how much time I have to devote to the TV.


It’s likely to be another chaotic week. My parents are coming up to visit and that along will surely throw a wrench in all my plans. On top of that, the boy is starting soccer this week, so that will add 2-3 hours of things to do in the evenings. The rest of my time will likely be devoted to getting the final bit of the garden ready, including building a few new raised beds while my dad is up here to help, and getting the soil ready for planting. If the weather hold, which it should, I’ll be planting the potatoes, carrots and garlic this week.

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