Review: Dark Beauties & Black Horses

A few years ago my husband bought this book for me. I had previously never heard of it and was eager to get around to reading it. But like most of my reading intentions, the book was shelved and forgotten about for some time. I finally got around to freeing it from it’s dusty grave and read through it fairly quickly.

This story looks into why little girls almost always have this sudden love of all things horses, and why some never grow out of that love, while others move on but then return to it many years later. As one of those horse loving girls who never grew out of that love, I had a great appreciation for this book. I honestly wasn’t really expecting to like this book, as I figured it would be – well silly, and I can’t explain why I felt that way. Yet as I started to read, I realized that this would be a good book that I would enjoy.

The author melds together the history of woman and horses, along with her personal experiences, as well as experiences from fellow horse woman, and some quotes from books. Doing it in such a way really showed she put quite a bit of effort into researching the relationship between a woman and a horse, from the time she is a little girl wanting to collect and play with any toy horse she can get her hands on, to when she is grow and riding for both pleasure and competition.

The pace for the first half of the book was good and I found myself going thing it quite quickly. However, I found that the second half seemed to drag on a bit and had to more force myself to read it than anything else. I still enjoyed the second half of the book, but certainly less so.

Overall, this was a good and fairly quick read. I would recommend this to anyone who loved horses as a kid, or still has that obsession with those majestic beasts.

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