Monday Progress report #29

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Titans by Victoria Scott

What I did Last Week


Well, I didn’t get enough reading time to complete a whole book, I did at least get a decent chunk of Stormrage read.


I watched the latest episode of Zoo, and while it was a good episode, I did NOT enjoy it because of all the spiders in it. It felt like I spent more time looking away from the screen than really watching it. We watched a few episodes of The Simpsons as a family, and we are now on Season 4 – this is something we watch intermittently and I don’t always watch it with the boys, but this time I did. For family movie night we ended up watching The Secret Life of Pets. This movie was good, certainly better than I thought it would be, but I found the first few minutes disappointing as it was like watching all the trailers mashed together. I finally got around to cleaning out more stuff on the PVR by watching several episodes of Deadliest Catch, which I had meant to watch weeks ago but never got around to it.

On Sunday we had a movie marathon. We ended up watching all four of the Sharknado movies. We had previously watched the first three movies, however, we wanted to watch them again so it was all fresh in our minds. Then came Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens and it was….well it was terrible. By far the worst Sharknado movie yet, and it gave the boy nightmares, which was not cool.


Oh my what a busy week. I finally got around to giving the garden a thorough weeding, something I haven’t done all season, and that took the better half of a day to complete. Then I decided it was time to give the house a complete cleaning/organizing. This was actually something I originally started at the first of the year but never quite finished it. Over the course of the week I got all of the basement (minus the playroom) cleaned, purged of things we no longer need and reorganzied. I also was super busy in the kitchen baking breads and other goodies for the family, as well as making things for other people as well. I feel like there was other things I did, but at the moment I’m drawing a blank. It was a very busy week, so some things may have slipped my mind.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I will be working on finishing up Stormrage. It’s a slow going book, but I’m somewhat enjoying it, so hopefully it won’t take me too long to finish it. Depending on if/when I finish it, I may pick up something else, I just don’t know what yet.


I will likely be watching Zoo and some more Deadliest Catch this week. On top of that will be Family Movie Night for sure, though I don’t know what the boy will pick for it.


The boy has science camp this week, so it leaves the house all to myself. So this is the perfect opportunity to go through everything in the playroom. I’ll also be working on cleaning and organizing the upstairs rooms. Outside of that, I’m not sure what else I will be doing.

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