Top Ten Tuesdays: Books I’d Buy Immediately

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Ten Books I’d Buy Immediately If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card.

Oh boy, this was a fun list to make, but also oddly hard because it took some time to decided which books would make the list and which would be left off. So here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Star Wars Books. So I’m missing exactly 9 books to complete my Star Wars Expanded Universe (Legends) book collection. So I would definitely track those down first. These books are decently hard to find and are usually overpriced online, which is why I don’t have them yet.
  2. The African Trilogy by Chinua Achebe. I’ve been watching this book for a while, but I can never find the whole trilogy at once. Usually I just find one of the books in stores, so I have held off buying it until I can find them all at once. But with a gift card, I would just order them.
  3. The Black Stallion by Walter Farley. Well, not specifically the first book in the series, but I am missing a few from my collection, I believe about 10 of them, so I would buy those for sure.
  4. Wonder Woman Comics. While the newer ones would be nice, I’d spend the money on buying the omnibus collections of the older comics.
  5. Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation by Alex Ross. Okay, this one may sound weird, but this book is about the guy who created She-Ra and He-Man, among other popular 80s cartoon series, so I’d love to have it.
  6. Sacred Seas by Karen Amanda Hooper. Well, it’s technically not released yet, but I’d just pre-order it if I could.
  7. My Friend Flicka by Mary O’Hara. I used to have this series as a kid, but somehow lost it over the years. So I would buy it so it can be a part of my life again.
  8. Tales From Earthsea by Ursula K LeGuin. I have every book in the series except this one, and so I’d use the gift card to get it.
  9. The Unicorn Peace & The Unicorn War by John Lee. This is another case of owning all the other books in the series except for these two, so of course I would buy them.
  10. Misc. Books. I would probably also end up buying a book I had previously not heard of because, because honestly when you get handed a fully loaded gift card, why not spend it on something random, especially when that random thing is a new book!

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