Monday Progress Report #32

Reviews Posted Last Week:

What I did Last Week


I was tired of not finishing anything, so last week admit continuing the struggle to finish Stormrage, I picked up and read Black Beauty. I have loved this book since I was young and tend to read it at least once every year when I’m looking for that nostalgic read or to break a reading slump.


Over the week I ended up watching a couple episodes of Zoo so that I’m all caught up. We took in several episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, so we are not about half way through the second season, and of course we watched a few episodes of The Simpsons as well. For Family Movie Night we watched Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and well, we didn’t really like it. I think part of that was the confusion we had throughout most of it, likely because we hadn’t seen any of the Superman of Batman movies that led up to this one. But even beyond that, there were things that just didn’t feel right with the movie.


It was another busy week at the house. I picked and canned yet more green beans from the garden. Which prompted me to reorganize the canning shelf since it was a disaster and annoying to put new things on it. I also got to have an awesome but way too short visit with my best friends mom and brother, whom I haven’t seen in quite a few years. I see her as my own mom and he is, and forever will be, my bratty little brother – even if he is in his 20s now. But most of all I kept busy in the kitchen this week. I made a bunch of meals for the freezer, such as Shepard’s Pie, Veggie Lasagna and Pizza Pocket, so that when we don’t feel like cooking we have something we can just throw in the oven. I also made a bunch of bread, granola bars, granola cereal, sub buns and other things for the week ahead. Other than this, I played Star Wars: The Old Republic whenever I have time to sit down, which wasn’t all that much.

What I Plan To Do This Week


While I will still be picking away at Stormrage (I will finish that book one day), I have decided that if I have time to read whatever I feel like this week. I’m hoping that by doing this I can still get books read, but not completely ignore the book that has become the bane of my existence. I’m not sure what I will read yet, but I will likely just look over my shelves and pick up whatever pops out at me the most.


I really, really want to watch the final two episodes of Deadliest Catch this week. They have sat on my PVR long enough, but I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t wanted to watch it when I have down time. I’ll also watch the new episode of Zoo and try to squeeze in a good number of Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes. Then there are the picks for Bad Movie Monday and Family Movie Night, which I’m not sure what we have settled on for either of those.


Who knows what life holds in store for me this week. I know there will be more beans to pick and can. But beyond that, we’ll see what needs to get done. Probably will clean out the shed and reorganize that since, unfortunately, it’s coming up on that time of year where we need to make sure it’s ready for winter and all the shovels and such are accessible at the door.

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