Monday Progress Report #5

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Reunion At Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels

What I did Last Week


First up, I read The All-Girl Filling Stations Last Reunion. This was quite an interesting book to read. I liked most of the characters and the story line as well. I’ll be posting a full review of this book next month.

Next I read Child of A Dead God. In doing so I was able to finish up a series, finally after originally starting this series more than ten years ago and then having to re-read some of the books due to a large gap in reading them. I quite enjoyed this book. I will be posting a full review of this book next month.

While I am trying to stick to the books on my read-this-year list, I did deviate from that because I was looking for a short book to read over the weekend. So I ended up reading Brandy & Bullets, a Murder She Wrote novel. I enjoyed this book quite a bit, was is so far my favorite from the series. Sometimes all you need is a quick to read cozy mystery, and this book fulfilled that.


At my husbands insistence, I finally watched Chappie. The movie had some interesting moments, but overall I found it to be just okay. I may do a full review of this movie come November for Sci-Fi Month.

We continued watching season two of Star Warts rebels. We are coming up on the half way point of the season and so far we are all enjoying it.

Outside of this, I didn’t really watch anything this week.


Well, I caught up on housework. Exciting I know. Also spent many hours in the kitchen this weekend baking, so we are now well stocked with baked goods and other items for the week ahead.

I did get a little bit of writing done but not as much as I had hoped for.

What I Plan To Do This Week


Not sure what I will read next. I want to work towards finishing another series. So I will probably go through my list of books to read for the year and pick whichever series pops out at me.


I need to catch up on Heartland. Stopping watching half way through season eight for some reason and never got around to watching the rest. So I might start working my way through this.

Also need to continue watching the second season of Star Wars Rebels. Been enjoying it so far and can’t wait to watch the rest.


I really need to get back into writing more regularly. I have been completely slacking off with this and I’m kind of mad at myself. If I want to take my writing seriously, I need to stop putting off working on it and just do it. It’s time to go back to treating it like a jobs, which worked well for the first week or so in January, setting aside certain hours of the day to do it.

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