Review: Reunion at Cardwell Ranch

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via Net Galley.

I have enjoyed quite a few of B.J Daniels books, and the Cardwell series are among my favorite. Though I somehow missed reading the previous book, Deliverance At Cardwell Ranch, I knew that this book would be standalone enough for me to not miss out on anything. Much like the previous books I have written, this one grabbed me right from page one. I love when there is that instant dose of suspense and action that B.J. Daniels does so well.

I quite liked Sid’s character. She was certainly not your typical female lead, given that she was a cat burglar on a mission and it’s more than just stealing works of art. All too often, the character causing the most tension/suspense in books is a male, so it was refreshing for a female to fill that role. Sid is a bit slippery at first, avoiding showing too much, both to Laramie and the readers, but over time things fall into place which not only reveal who she is, but what her purpose is as well.

Laramie was a fairly good character. He fell into typical protective cowboy who wants to help those in need and save the woman he loves, but it’s certainly not a simple task for him given Sid’s escapades and her reluctance to share herself with him. There were also the other Cardwells, seen in the previous novels and series, that helped this story along. However, the bulk of this book focused on Laramie, Sid and the mystery around the cat burglary and paintings.

The story line flowed well with this book and I found myself gobbling it up, reading the book in a matter of a few hours. I have to say, it’s books like this that bring me back to B.J. Daniels books for she does romantic suspense so well. This is definitely my favorite book in the Cardwell Cousins series so far. I would definitely recommend both this books and the series (as well as the previous Cardwell series) for those who are looking for something to read in the romance and/or suspense genres. Even if you aren’t a fan of those genres, you might be surprised by these books and fall in love with them as I have.

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