Monday Progress Report #84

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Dark Horse by B.J. Daniels

What I did Last Week


I didn’t get too much reading done last week, because I was mostly spending all my time watching the TV. I did get through volume 9 of Death Note. Things have certainly changed a lot since this series first started, but I am still enjoying it.

I also read Dark Horse, a book I got for review. I liked this one but I didn’t quite like it as much as I thought I would. You can read my full review of this book, linked above.


I watched quite a bit last week. Let’s start with the things I watched from the PVR. I caught up on Deadliest Catch, I watched half of the season of The Last Alaskans and even watched four or five episodes of River Monsters. Then I worked on season seven of The Golden Girls, which I nearly finished. For Bad Movie Monday we ended up watching the 2016 Ghostbusters, and yup, it was bad and quite boring actually. For Family Movie Night we watched Sharknado 5, which was hubby’s choice and was pretty damn bad, yet entertaining.


I did as little as possible for most of last week, which was exactly what I planned to do. I did do minimal work, like helping the boy go through everything in the playroom, but that was spread out over several days. I also took advantage of a bit of nice weather and finally got to weed some of the garden. As a bonus, I also harvested radishes as well, the first thing to come out of the garden this year – I may not like radishes, but hubby does, so I grow them for him. On the weekend I spend most of my time in the kitchen preparing a whole slew of freezer meals for the upcoming winter. We have been getting lots of signs that an early fall, and potentially an early winter, are going to happen this year, so I wanted to get a head start on my winter prep. Now with the freezer well stocked, I feel like I’m one step closer to being ready for winter. I’ll never truly be ready for winter, but things like this help immensely.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I’m participating in Bout of Books this week, so I plan on doing a whole lot of reading. The first book I will be working on is Cowboy Up! I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while now and figured the read-a-thon was a great time to do it. Once this is done I will be working through the TBR I have picked out for the week.


I will be continuing to work through stuff I have had clogging up the PVR this week, like finishing off The Last Alaskans. I have four episodes of The Golden Girls left and then I’ll be done with that show. I also want to start working through InuYasha: The Final Act, something I should have watched years ago when I first got it, but never did for some silly reason.


I don’t really have any solid plans for this week. I need to get the garden weeded, but that will all depend on the weather. Outside of that, I’m going to spend most of my time either reading or watching TV.

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