Review: The Huntress and The Sphinx

I was pretty darn hesitant about reading this book. A while ago I read the previous book in the series, The Empty Throne by Ru Emerson, and it was so bad I didn’t think I would enjoy this one at all. Luckily, this book ended up being okay and it was such a relief to not hate this book.

The writing style of this book was definitely an improvement over the previous book. The overall flow of the story and characters were pretty solid. This book certainly felt more like one of the episodes of the TV series, though not quite as good.

Xena and Gabrielle are pretty much the characters we know from the TV series. A few other characters from the series also make minor appearances, or are mentioned, but don’t really play a major role in the story. Atlanta, the other main character of the story, was pretty cocky at the start and I didn’t really care for her until later in the book when her character grows and learns from her actions.

Overall, I liked this book. It was good enough to keep my attention throughout but I still felt it wasn’t as good as it could be and certainly wasn’t as enjoyable as watching the TV series. I’m likely read more of this series at some point, assuming that I find the books, as so far I have only seen them at used book stores. If you enjoyed the Xena TV series then these books may be worth reading just to revisit that world and get a few of new content from it.

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