Book Review: The Other Side of Death

The narration in this book was really well done. The narrator, Meredith Mitchell, did a very good job of giving each character their own distinctive voice and also relied good emotion when it was needed. I enjoyed the descriptions in this book as well, they really captured my attention, though admittedly something I’d be too busy envisioning how something looked based upon those descriptions and then miss something being said afterwards.

The first thing that stood out to me was how the woman, Neil, referred to her lover as “the kid”. That was disturbing to me, even if he was younger than her, which I could only assume he was, it just gave me a shudder ever tiny she say the kid especially knowing that they were having sex and he was certainly old enough to drink. There were times where she simply called him “Kid” which made me wonder if that was his name or nickname, but it still didn’t help to settle the disgusting feeling I got from it. Once I got past this however the rest of the book was pretty good.

Having a male name for a female character can always be confusing and slightly annoying, especially where there is more than one that falls into this category. I’m not saying that women cannot have men’s names, I assure you there are plenty of them out there just as there are plenty of men with names that are often regarded as female, but it does always stand out to me in books and make me have a hard time envisioning that particular character.

One issue that I did have was that there was too much of a dead zone at the end of each chapter which made me wonder if there was something missing or if the editing on each section was off. It wasn’t a huge thing but something that stood out to me, especially since some of them were close to thirty seconds long.

There were quite a few characters in this book, along with side stories, which sometimes served as a distraction from the main story and the mystery behind Lonnie’s daeth. Now I realize all books have their side plots and often time those do have a significance to the main story, you just don’t always see it right away, but in this case I wondered how much of this extra story was even connected to the main storyline and how much was serving as filler of sorts.

I found it odd that Neil, a lawyer, spent the book searching for clues and the suspect of her friends death, lawyers don’t do investigating even when its a friend that died or when the police are clearing ignoring it. Also it seemed to me that it was the only thing she did, she never had any clients to deal with, outside of her friends parents who hired her to look into their daughters death, and while it was mentioned that she had little money and that would make sense with a lack of clients it just seemed odd to have no actual lawyer work during the whole length of the book that didn’t involve the murder of Lonnie. Yes reading about lawyers can be boring, especially when details of cases and trials are crammed down your throat, but I would have at least liked to see something of her career outside the investigation of Lonnie’s death. My guess is that some of the earlier books in the series would shed some light on this.

The ending, where the killer is revealed and tried to kill Neil, was good. It finally brought an end to a slightly drawn out story of a murder investigation. I may read others in this series at some point and I would recommend this book to those who enjoy mysteries.

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