September 2018 goals & August review

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Oh August where did you go? Is it just me or did August just fly by? It seems that this year going by super fast. I suppose that is good in a way as it means the time isn’t dragging on and we all know how annoying that can be at times. Another month means another list of goals. I have been enjoying making these monthly goals list and doing my best to reach all of them. I feel that creating these monthly goals and sharing them gives me an extra sense of accountability and a push to try to get them all done. Before we get to my September 2018 goals, we will take a moment to look back at my August goals.

How I did in August

I did okay with my goals in August. Admittedly, I could have done better, but I honestly don’t mind not hitting some goals.

  • Weed the garden. I didn’t do all that well with this. I did some weeding, but also ignored a lot of the weeds.
  • Plant grass seed. Done and it is growing really well. It’s like a gorgeous green carpet in our front yard.
  • Dig up plants. Got this done. Though it’s always sad to remove things from the garden while the growing season is still going.
  • Continue exercising. Hahaha, I failed at this. I did stick with it for the first two weeks of the month but after that, the only exercise I got was our daily family walk.
  • Read at least four books. Nope! I did finish one partially read book, but that is it.
  • Finalize my cleaning routine. Nope! Another failure.
  • Watch 1 season of a series. Knocked this one out of the park! I watched 2 seasons of Supersize Vs Superskinny. I also watched several episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.
  • Start bullet journaling again. Nope, didn’t even come close to picking up my bujo let alone actually start using it.
  • Use my planner more. Done! This is my lifeline when it comes to keeping up with blog stuff.
  • Try a new recipe. I actually tried a few! We loved them and will be making them again in the future.
  • Set aside gaming time. I think I did a bit too well with this one. The last three weeks have been consumed by playing World of Warcraft.
  • Start planning for NaNoWriMo. Didn’t happen.
  • Seal the deck. Nope, this didn’t happen either.
  • Get ahead on blog posts. I sort of did this. There was a two-week period where I was ahead and then I went back to my usual of doing posts the night before.
  • Do some background blog work. I got some of this done but not all of it.
  • Take lots of photos. I think I took a few hundred photos over the month, so yeah, I got this one done.

September 2018 Goals

September is the month of back-to-school, seasonal changes, and general chaos. There are lots of things to get done and likely not enough time to do it all. I am going to do my best to reach all of these goals.


  • Weed the garden. There are always weeds to pull, so this goal is once again on the list.
  • Harvest the garden. Things are finally producing so it’s time to get to harvesting. The window of opportunity on this one is small, so need to get on it to maximize what we get out of the garden.
  • Start prepping the garden for winter. The weather is changing, so along with harvesting, I will be working on prepping all of the gardens for the upcoming winter.
  • Clean garden tools. This might not fully happen this month, it all depends on how late the garden season ends, but I need to make sure the garden tools are properly cleaned and stored once the garden is done.
  • Go foraging. There are lots of wild plants around here and I want to take advantage of them while I can. Many of them were late this year, like the blueberries, so now is the time to get them.


  • Declutter the kitchen. I took a bit of a break from decluttering last month, but it is time to get back to it. The kitchen will likely be the biggest challenge but I think I’m ready for it.
  • Organize the kitchen. Once the decluttering is done it will be time to better organize the kitchen.
  • Start canning. With the garden finally starting to produce and winter not far away, I need to get a bunch of canning done. Hoping to can as much garden produce as possible, plus some soups, BBQ sauce, and a few other things over the course of the month.
  • Start bullet journaling again. This is something I didn’t get around to in August, so I will be making an effort to do so in September.
  • Read at least 2 books. I know this is going to be a crazy busy month, so if I can get through 2 books then I will be happy.
  • Exercise regularly. I did so well in July during the 30-day fitness challenge and the first half of August but then I totally slipped and I’m definitely feeling it. It’s time to get back into the routine of exercising every day.
  • Seal the deck. Another goal that didn’t get accomplished in August. I’m really hoping to get it done this month, but with the temperatures dipping quickly I’m not sure it can be done.
  • Watch 1 season of a show. This goal will likely be present for several months because I have so many shows that I want to watch. I figure if I can knock out at least one season every month then I should get through them all by the time I’m 80, haha.
  • Try a new recipe. I really enjoyed the recipes I tried last month, so I will be continuing with this goal on a monthly basis and trying at least one new recipe.
  • Start winter prep. Technically I have already started a few aspects of the winter prep, but the major winter prep will begin this month. There are too many things to list here but I will also be doing a series of blog posts about our process of getting ready for winter.
  • Start planning for NaNoWriMo. I’m not going to lie, I highly doubt I will get to this one, but I’m including it just in case. After all, it’s best to get ready for NaNoWriMo before it actually starts.


  • Get ahead on posts. Oh yes, this goal again. Like I said before, if I keep putting it in my monthly goals list it’s bound to happen eventually.
  • Do some background work. I knocked out some of this in August but there is more to do, so going to try to get it done this month.
  • Work on social media. For the most part, I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing with all my social media accounts are doing, but there are a few parts that still need some work – I’m looking at you, Facebook and Pinterest!
  • Take more photos. Before we get hit by snow, which hopefully won’t happen for a while, I want to take plenty more pictures outside. Plus there are lots of photos to take indoors as well for future blog posts.

Those are my September 2018 goals. What are your goals for the month?


  1. Our blogging goals are so similar! I definitely want to get ahead on posts and I’ve been doing that so far this month! You can do it!

    1. Awesome. I know I can get ahead, I just need to sit down and do it, but that’s the part I keep ignoring, haha.

  2. Trying a new recipe – that’s one of my goals too. I’m hoping to improve my kitchen skills, so I’m always looking for a good recipe. For blogging goals, I’ve been trying to get ahead on posts too. I haven’t been successful so far. That’s a great goal I can also include this month – Good luck to us!

    1. I love trying new recipes. It’s a great way to improve your cooking skills as well as giving you a better variety of things to eat. I’m sure if we keep trying we will get ahead on blog posts one day.

  3. Good luck with your goals this month. ?

    1. Thank you.

  4. Ugh, I would also like to get ahead on blog posts, but the process of sitting down and writing them is so hard for me. My desk calendar has them all planned out though. That’s something at least. If you’re open to audiobooks, I highly recommend them! Listening to them while I drive or when I’m at work doing a very routine task are the perfect times for me to pop my ear buds in.

    1. Eventually, we will get ahead on blog posts. I agree it’s the sitting down and writing them that’s the hard part, especially when I’m a late night writer but don’t always stay up to let that inspiration hit. I have listened to some audiobooks in the past, but it all depends on the narrator whether I can get through them or not.

  5. Similar life goals over here ??‍♀️ Read two books, declutter the kitchen, and exercise regularly are going to be a doozy for me alone. Don’t know how you manage to maintain a garden and accomplish so much else, too! Major props to you!

    1. Honestly, it’s a struggle to get things done some months. The garden is kind of in that stage where it doesn’t need a lot of work – admittedly I also sort of neglected a lot of the work in it this summer. I think I have the excess motivation to get things done before the snow hits, which isn’t that far off. So it’s getting it done now or possibly have to wait until spring to tackle it all.

  6. I am a definite goal maker! We share a LOT of the same goals 🙂

    1. I never used to be a goal maker, but not I really enjoy making these lists each month on top of my usual smaller weekly and daily goals.

  7. It seems like you did pretty well with your goals last month! I don’t think any of us manage to hit all of them but getting the majority taken care of like you did is definitely a win in my books!

    Your goals for September are really good, I should probably start writing down goals like this too haha, there are always so many things that get pushed off and I know I am far less likely to do that if it means I can cross it off a list.

    1. I agree it’s not a big deal that we don’t hit all those goals each time around. I would highly recommend making a monthly goal list, it has made a world of difference for me.

  8. I can’t wait to see what your garden produces, I am in awe and will be in need of some tips for next year as I plan to give growing vegetables another go. Your list makes me think of what I need to get done

    1. I will definitely be sharing how well the garden does when it’s all done. I will also be sharing more gardening tips along the way.

  9. Great post & goals! Hope you crush them! ???

    1. Thank you! I look forward to seeing how much of this list I can knock out.

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