Book Review: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

This book has some gorgeous writing and while the writing style is very different from what you find in books written today it feels perfect for the story. The descriptions, use of words and even the flow of conversation is truly great.

There is a nice mix of characters from the story, from lawyers to doctors to servants and each of these play a role is discovering the truth about Dr. Jekyll and his ‘friend’ Mr. Hyde. Part of the story is focused on the lawyer, Mr. Utterson, as he sets out to discover the connection between these two men and finding out the gruesome truth that they are one in the same. It makes me wonder if had Dr. Jekyll not written such a strange will to be kept by the lawyer in the first place would the events of this book have played out in the same manner or would the secret of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde gone unsolved. Perhaps it would have been solved by not necessarily by Mr. Utterson but by someone else. There is also a small section in which the truth is revealed to Dr. Lanyon, which decides by curiosity to find out why certain events have happened and to see just what his visitor is talking about.

The last section of the book is written in first person as a letter from Dr. Jekyll which describes in detail how he released Edward Hyde initially and how over time he lost control over who essentially controlled his body, for not even the chemical that induced the initial change could bring back Dr. Jekyll, and if it did it was for a short time.

Though this book is quite short, my copy was about sixty pages but others are around one hundred, it is not necessarily a quick ready. The writing style is different and it may very well take great deal of time to get through this book. However it is a well written story with a decent amount of mystery. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone looking for a classic horror novel or those who want a solidly written story.

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