Book Review: Taking Back Forever

The author provided me with a copy of this book to review.

I’d like to first point out that due to mature content this book is recommended for those readers fifteen years and older.

The first thing that I loved about this book is how there is an index on the first page that lists each member of the Kindrily and their powers. This was a great addition as sometimes it can be hard to keep track of various powers and who controls them so a simple flip to the front can remind you of who does what.

The first chapter might not have started off with a bang but it certainly finished with one. Things went from fairly normal to this huge secret flinging itself at the reader.

I was so glad to see that Maryah’s character had become stronger. There had been signs at the end of the first book, Grasping At Eternity, that indicated she was becoming the person she should be, however it really began to show here. Yes, she still struggled and had her weak moments now and then but given the huge task of relearning her powers I wouldn’t expect anything less. The whinny, non-confident, thinking she was crazy, weakling Maryah was gone and she had been replaced by a more solid version of herself. Nathaniel continued to be a strong supporter for Maryah.

The part where Maryah and Nathaniel go out on their first “official” date was such a great little addition. Ignoring the fact that they have been soul mates for hundreds of years Nate was going out of his was to play the proper courting male made me laugh. It was as awkward as it was entertaining to read. It also showed the lengths Nate would go to to ensure Maryah learned of her past but also to help her ease into their relationship.

As far as other characters go I have to admit Carson grew on me quite a bit. I can’t remember him having a strong presence in the prior book but I did like him this time around. His relationship with another character was a nice addition that I didn’t see coming but approved of as the plot progressed. Harmony was another character that I felt had a good solid presence. Not only was a lot of the story focused on her, since the Kindrily was trying to find her soul mate and she was out of patience waiting for that to happen, but her character as a whole really brought me into the story more. Not to mention I really like her ability to communicate with the dead.

The amount of background given in this book, not just about Maryah and Nate’s past lives, but of the rest of the Kindrily, their powers, and even how their nemesis Dedrick and the Nefariouns came to be was what I was hoping for. While there had been some hints given in the prior book this one filled in a lot of the gaps and answered a lot of the questions that I had. Of course some questions remain unanswered but that’s okay, I wouldn’t want to know everything at once.

There was a lot of focus put on Maryah and Nathaniel’s relationship and their attempt to rebuild what had been lost between them. This involved some awkward scenes between the two as they discussed some of the more intimate things they had done in the past as well as the times when Maryah was trying her best to seduce Nate. I admit there were times when I wanted to skip over those parts and get back to the search for Gregory and the Nefariouns but I kept with it because I knew something small and yet significant would happen during these moments that would play a big role later on.

When the contact with the Nefariouns came I was so excited for it. This is what I had been looking forward to all along, the rest of the story was really good, but this part it was something else. It was like trying to cross the street then getting hit by a truck, you get up only to be hit by a bus, you get up again and a big rig slams into you, you finally get your to your feet again and you feel shocked and yet excited by what just happened. That is exactly what I felt like during this encounter, there were several twists back to back that shocked and thrilled me more and more. I had expected something big to come from this point of the story but not something like that.

The ending left me craving more. There’s still plenty of questions to be answers, characters are getting stronger and finding new abilities within their powers so I wonder if the same is happening with the Nefariouns. Tidbits of what is to come or may come is given as well as more pieces of past but without a complete picture of the events With stronger characters, great plot twists that leave the reader wanting more, good amounts of back story and the potential for something truly big to come Taking Back Forever was an amazing book. I would highly recommend this to others, though the prequel must be read first, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

At the end of my review copy there were a few bonus chapters, now I can’t say what happens in these chapters but oh my gosh I need book three now! Those few chapters take cliffhanger to a whole new level.

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