Book Review: The Floating Castle

Now let me start by quickly saying that I spent a great deal of my life in Daventry. I played all of the King’s Quests games growing up and enjoyed them thoroughly, often replaying them time and time again. The world of Daventry and it’s characters are special to me and because of this I admit I was slightly worried that what I would find in this book wouldn’t match the world I knew from the game. However this fear was not needed as the book was a perfect reflection of the games world and held so many aspects of the game within it’s pages.

Telgrin was an interesting bad guy, though for the first half of the book or so his presence was fairly minimal, basically he showed up once, cast a spell on King Graham and then wasn’t see again for some time later. Of course his presence and the presence of his black castle and knights were seen during this time as the affects of their appearance and subsequent take over of Daventry was quite wide spread and impacted everyone’s lives one way or another. I think I would have liked to see a bit more of Telgrin before Alexander arrived at the castle even though the influence of his presence was seen throughout the book.

This book had all the great elements of a good fantasy in it, magic, creatures like fairies and kelpies, there was of course the princess in need of rescue, a good magical battle though I would have liked to see a bit more of it in a bit more detail but I was happy with it.

Though the majority of the books events happened in the course of about a week or two I felt that the pace of the book was really good, sometimes that short of time frame makes things feel rushed however in this case there was a solid flow of story and I devoured the book.

The writing in this book was simply gorgeous, every description, even for the smallest of things was filled with such beautiful details but those details never bogged the story down. It was the writing that drew me in initially but as things progress it was also the story and the characters that captured my attention and made me thoroughly enjoy this book as a whole.

Loved the other characters in the book. Cyril started out a a sort of weak character which worked out perfectly considering he was an apprentice magician and still learning his magic but he certainly grew as the story progressed and showed great loyalty to Alexander and his mission. Alexander was good as well, he wasn’t perfect, he struggled at parts which made him feel more real, often times prince and princesses are portrayed as perfect humans that never tire or make mistakes. That was not the case with Alexander, he did tire, he did need to find his strength at times when he will was failing. Lydia, the princess, wasn’t in the first half of the book and while her presence was small in the second half it was nice to see that she was freed and found a place to be happy and to no longer be under the control of an evil wizard.

One thing I would have liked to see is a map at the beginning of the book. Now granted I know the basic layout of Daventry from playing the video games, but not all the details are one hundred percent clear. Not to mention it’s always nice to have a visual aid so that you can see the path a character travels on, the obstacles they must go around and other places that may play an important role to the story. Since Prince Alexander traveled quite a bit in the story this addition would have been nice.

This story is great for fantasy genre fans but even more so for those who played and enjoyed the King’s Quest games. I would highly recommend this book to any who have not read it, and if you have read it then go ahead and read it again. I will definitely be reading the other books in the series in the near future. I will also be looking for more books by this author as I truly enjoyed his writing style.

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