Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I Love Being A Blogger

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader.

I love pretty much every aspect of being a blogger and of course being a reader. Sure there are some things I don’t care for but still do because it’s all part of the big picture. So here are the reasons I love being a blogger/reader in no particular.

  1. The Community. Seriously other bloggers are the best. They help me find new books, share their love of books with everyone and are an endless resource for both new and old bloggers. Have a problem? Ask a blogger and you’ll have an answer in no time.
  2. Encountering New Worlds. I love books that transport me to new and strange worlds. It’s one of the main reasons I have loved reading since I was a kid.
  3. Authors. I never thought I’d talk to an author in emails or private messages and yet since I have become a book blogger there are a number of authors who have taken time out of their busy days to talk to me and I think that is absolutely amazing. Now if only I could go and meet them face to face…perhaps one day.
  4. Sharing My Love of Books With Others. This kind of goes with the whole community aspect of being a blogger, but really any time I get to share the books I love with others is great.
  5. Memes. Okay I admit when I started I had no idea what a meme was. But now I love participating in them each week. They really are a great way to break into blogging and give something more than reviews to post. Plus they are just fun to do.

I know I am forgetting a number of reasons why I love being a blogger and a reader, and yet I can’t seem to add anything else to the list at this time. Why do you love being a blogger/reader?

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