Book Review: Me and Murder, She Wrote

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

I don’t often read and review biographies because I find they are too personal to truly be able to put a rating on them. However I made an exception this time. Growing up watching Murder, She Wrote and recently working my way through re-watching the series I could not resist reading this book written by one of the producers of the show. I was curious to see a bit of the behind the scenes that would be revealed in this book and to see more about the man who helped to create this fantastic series.

The book does not start off with Murder, She Wrote as that is not where Peter Fischer’s story begins. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed to not see this story immediately dive into talking about the show that I loved, but at the same time I understood why this was the case. The reader is given a look into the early years of Peter Fischer’s career as he decides, fairly late in this life, to follow his dream of writing. This highlights his start in script writing, the up and downs of the job and listing the many shows and movies he wrote or was a part of. In a way it was nice to see where his roots came from and the long list of accomplishments, and follies, that eventually lead him to writing for Murder, She Wrote.

However, give the title of this book I was actually surprised by how little of the story was actually about Murder, She Wrote. I was expecting a bit more of the content to be focused on this series but in the end only about a quarter of the book was actually about the show and his involvement in it.

I did find it amusing the find out that initially when Angela Lansbury showed interest in the part of Jessica Fletcher than Peter Fischer was somewhat against it, thinking that she was too flashy and well-known to play the part. At least he felt that way until he met her and realized she was perfect for it.

Overall I admit I was disappointed in how little Murder, She Wrote played a role in this book, however I still enjoyed it quite a bit. I think this would be a great little read for those who enjoyed watching this show as it does give a few behind the scenes snippets on how certain episodes were put together and other tidbits of information that readers and fans will enjoy.

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