Book Review: Wyoming Blood

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

This is the third book in the Wyoming Men series but can be read as a stand alone.

I’m not sure where to start with this one. This is the first book I have read by Diana Palmer, though I have certainly considered reading her books a number of times prior to this one. The start was alright, it helped introduce the main characters, Dalton and Merissa, to the readers and give a bit of suspense fairly early. However it took me a while to feel any sort of connection to either of these characters and even as the story progressed that connection was very minimal.

Dalton’s character was alright. He’s obviously a tough worked, loves his family and has had a number of bad experiences in his past. Merissa was a fairly solid character. Her distrust of men thanks to having an abusive father is not something unique to romance books, in fact it seems to be in a number of them, but add in her psychic abilities and she gets a bit more unique. However I felt the psychic abilities of Merissa and her mother, while obviously a bit part of this story, didn’t seem to mesh well. There were times when she should have decided danger but didn’t and ended up getting hurt because of it. I realize her ability doesn’t work all the time, but she missed so many obvious signs that even a non-psychic could have pointed out her mistakes to her. I didn’t like how quickly the romance came to be between Dalton and Merissa. She is shy and scared of men, yet all too quickly she fully trusts Dalton and several other men. Given her past I would have liked to see her be more hesitant towards things, take longer to show any trust or feelings towards Dalton.

The main focus of the story was on finding this man who wanted to kill Dalton, a sheriff in Texas and later on Merissa. In fact this part of the book too over far too much of the story and I began to see it not as romance but more of an investigation novel that just happens to have a small amount of romance in it. I also found that the whole western appeal of this book, with the ranch and cowboys, was greatly missing. Other than mentioning the cattle and the ranch at the beginning, and the odd mention of it and some of the cowboys who worked there later on, that aspect was missing. This story could have been put in another setting and it might have worked better that way because then I wouldn’t be expecting that western feel to be a part of it.

Overall this story was an okay quick little read. It did feel like it was missing something to make the story become the romance it is supposed to be. If readers are looking for a quick to read, light on the romance book with a bit of suspense then Wyoming Bold may be the book for them. I may read the previous two books in the series simply to see what happened prior to this novel but I’m not sure I will rush to do so.

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