June 2024 Reading Wrap-up

June was a hectic month and it didn’t leave much time for reading. However, I did make sure to squeeze in a few books over the month. I managed to get most of my June TBR read, which is great, but I wish I could have spent more time with my books. My June 2024 Reading Wrap-up shares the books I read this month and my thoughts on them.

June 2024 Reading Wrap-up

Fly Me To The Moon Vol 4 by Kenjiro Hata

Life throws no punches for Nasa and Tsukasa when they return home from visiting his family. Thankfully, Nasa is a resourceful fellow who has friends who can help the couple out in their time of need.

Filled with plenty of cute moments, this volume was a quick read and shows how the couple deals with a multitude of bumps in the road while continuing to develop their relationship.

Urusei Yatsura Vol 1 by Rumiko Takahashi

I went into this book blind and it was an experience.

I’m honestly not sure what to think of it. It has the art and feel (for the most part) of other Takahashi works, but the story was so strange. I don’t quite understand where the story is going at this point, though I have a vague idea.

I will be continuing this series, but wow, what a strange story.

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Urusei Yatsura Vol 2 by Rumiko Takahashi

As with the first volume, I find myself slightly confused by this one. There seems to be more of a story forming than before, sort of. Granted, there were parts where I found myself giggling at the crazy antics and then shaking my head shortly after that in utter confusion.

This series feels like a mashup of Takahashi’s other series. The multiple women vying for Ataru’s attention is akin to what happens in Ranma 1/2 and the slice-of-life aspect of Maison Ikkoku. I truly hope it becomes less weird soon.

A Galaxy Next Door Vol 3 by Gido Amagakure

This was a reread.

We finally get to meet Shiori’s parents and so does Ichiro. While they don’t get off on the right foot, Ichiro does what he can to prove he will be a reliable person in Shiori’s life and that their relationship is true. Of course, they have one hurdle to get past and it could make or break it for them.

These two have come quite a long way so far and this volume focuses more on their relationship than it does on their careers as manga artists. Even so, it does a great job of showing how much they have grown, both as individuals and as a couple.

Spy x Family Vol 4 by Tatsuya Endo

As if having a spy, assassin, and a telepathic kid in a fake family wasn’t enough, now the Forgers are adding a dog into the mix. But, like everything else with this family, this will be no ordinary excursion to pick a family pet.

From the chaos of a pet adoption event to saving the day from a terrorist attack, the Forgers, but especially Anya and her new dog, have a jam-packed day of adventure, danger, and

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol 4 by Koyoharu Gotouge

This was an enjoyable read as we continued to watch Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke as they recover from their recent battle with demons before being sent on their next mission. There were some amusing moments, including Tanjior introducing Nezuko to his fellow demon slayers.

Once they arrive at their next destination they are immediately thrust into danger. There were a few too many spider-like creatures in this volume for my liking, but ignoring that there was good pacing to the story, plenty of action, and we get to see these trio push themselves once more to attempt to survive another day.

Finding Mr. Write by Kelley Armstrong

I received an ARC of this book and was excited to see how this story would work out. I enjoyed this one quite a bit, especially the banter between Daphne and Chris, along with their entire plot to pretend to be who they aren’t in order to pull of an epic book launch.

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A Galaxy Next Door Vol 4 by Gido Amagakure

Another reread.

This was a great continuation of the series. Shiori and Ichiro have come a long way and this volume shows how well they support each other during their highs and lows. We also get a good look at the stress of sticking with deadlines and the excitement and disappointment that can come with being a manga artist.

It was also great to see everyone come together and bond as housemates and friends.I look forward to continuing with this series.

June 2024 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 8
  • Books purchased: 17
  • Books unhauled: 0
  • Books DNF’d: 1

I hope you enjoyed my June 2024 Reading Wrap-up. What did you read in June?


  1. Finding Mr. Write looks interesting! The synopsis reminds me of the movie American Fiction with Jeffrey Wright (which was a great movie, btw!). Wishing you a good batch of reading in July!

  2. I’m adding Finding Mr. Write to my TBR; it sounds interesting and I love the name Daphne for a protagonist! And my tween daughter loves Spy Family.

    1. Author

      I’m glad to hear you will be checking it out, I hope you enjoy it. Spy x Family is such a fun series, happy to know your daughter is enjoying it.

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