Monday Progress Report #30

Reviews Posted Last Week:

What I did Last Week


As it turned out, I didn’t have as much reading time last week as I would have wanted, so unfortunately that means I didn’t finish anything. I did read a couple of chapters of Stormrage though.


I watched about a dozen episodes of Deadliest Catch. I fell way behind watching this series and since the season finale is very soon, I decided it was time to play catch up. I also caught up with the latest episode of Zoo, which was good but now it’s so close to the end of the season (assuming this season will be as long as the last one), I don’t want it to end though I know it will sooner than I’m ready for it.

On Saturday we went to see Ice Age: Collision Course. The movie was actually pretty good. My son especially loved it and he is already hoping that there will be a sixth movie.


I had a very busy week. A lot of my time was spend on finishing up the major cleaning and purge that the house has been going through. I finished up the two bedrooms, the computer room and half of the playroom. The kitchen slowed me down quite a bit since it meant taking everything out of each cupboard, cleaning the shelves, checking dates and whatnot, then putting it all back.  This also gave me the chance to inventory everything, so I could see what things we need to stock up on for winter.

Saturday we spend the day in the city doing shopping and having some fun. It was a long day, about 14 hours (8 of those being the drive there and back), but we got everything we needed on the list, ate some great food and got to enjoy a movie. The only downside was, that by the time we finished all the necessary shopping, we ran out of time to visit any of the book stores. But I suppose that could also be a good thing, since it likely saved us money.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I will be trying to finish up Stormrage this week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to knock this one out, since the longer I spend reading it, the less I want to read it.


I have 4 more episodes of Deadliest Catch to catch up on, plus the new episode for the week, so that will be my priority. There’s also the newest episode of Zoo to watch. This week we are also bringing back Bad Movie Monday, and for this we will be watching Lilo & Stitch. I’ve seen this movie before, and thought it was pretty darn bad, but this will be the first time the boys have seen it. I’m not quite sure what movie we will be watching for Family Movie Night this week.


It’s bound to be another busy week. The garden needs another round of weeding, but more importantly I have beans, peas and potatoes that will need to be harvested in the next few days by the looks of it. I will also be finishing up the major project of cleaning and organizing the kitchen. The play room may be tackled this week as well, though there is a chance I will wait until the boy is back in school next month to do it. This week we may also be getting the last of the renovations to our house done, which involves fixing up our deck.

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