Top Ten Tuesday: Book to Movie Adaptations

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is Top Ten Tuesday REWIND, where we go back and pick a topic we missed or one we want to revisit again. After scouring the list, I decided to go with Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations.

For this, I decided to break up the list into the best and worst book to movie adaptations, since not all movies get it right. And honestly, I haven’t watched a lot of adaptations over the year, so I kind of have to do both.

The Best Adaptations:

  • Fried Green Tomatoes. By far my favorite adaptation. It may not follow the novel exactly, but this is one of the few instances where I can say that the movie was better than the book. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you need to because it’s fantastic.
  • Black Beauty. Though there have been many adaptations of this book, it is the 1994 adaptation that is truly wonderful. Black Beauty was one of the first books that stuck with me and I have read it more times than I can remember, so I’m very happy that there is that perfect adaptation out there. The other movies are pretty good too.
  • The Help. The book was great and so was the movie. I felt that it was very true to the book and really helped to bring all those characters to life.
  • The Martian. The book was good, though sometimes I felt it was bogged down with technical jargon. However, the movie was great.
  • Misery. Alright, let me start by saying 99% of the time I hate Stephen King’s books and movies. The one exception is Misery. I enjoyed the hell out of this book, but the movie is perfect, especially since Kathy Bates really nailed the whole crazy Annie Wilkes. The only thing that would have made the movie better is if they had have kept the hobbling scene the same as the book and included the lawnmower bit.
  • The Book Thief. It didn’t exactly follow the book, but really not many adaptations do, but I felt this one was really well done.
  • The Road. Okay, honestly, the book was boring and so was the movie. So in that respect, it was a well done adaptation. I’m pulling at straws here, leave me alone.

The Worse Adaptations:

  • World War Z. Hey let’s take a really good zombie book and bastardize the way only Hollywood can! Seriously, why did they have to make the zombies like Olympic sprint runners? I get they tried to make it more action packed and interested, but I felt it kind of ruined things. Plus it was actually really hard to focus on everything while these great hordes of zombies dashed everywhere.
  • Ender’s Game. Sure it had some pretty amazing special effects but who cares when the movie itself was bad. Granted I didn’t like the book either, but I felt like this was a terrible adaptation all around. Plus Harrison Ford was in space and was not playing Han Solo, therefore it was wrong, all wrong!
  • The Maze Runner. It wasn’t necessarily the worst adaptation that I’ve seen, but I felt that it didn’t follow things well enough to be considered good and thus I haven’t even bothered to watch the sequel.

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