TBR update: year two – any progress?

Back in November 2018, I decided that I would make an effort to read all of the books that I owned. It was a bit of a daunting task, as my TBR was massive and felt quite overwhelming. However, in the first year I buckled down, did a lot of reading, and managed to put a fairly decent dent in my TBR. This TBR update: year two will see how much additional progress I have made in the last year. Am I still making good progress or have the books started to overwhelm me once more.

TBR update: year two

How does this work?

Way back when, two years ago, I mentioned a process in which unread books are placed on the floor. Only after they are read are they allowed to go on the shelf. Now, I will admit, that I don’t keep my unread books on the floor at all times. I don’t have the floor space for that. However, this exercise is great for showing off what you have and haven’t read. Once you see all of your unread books on the floor and your shelves suddenly empty, it will spur you to read as much as possible. So, to show my progress, I will once again be placing all unread books on the floor along with the before and after pictures of the shelves.

The read & reference shelf

As the name would indicate, this shelf is predominately populated by the books I have read along with a number of reference books. From the time I started this read all of the books I own challenge, this shelf has consistently gained more books. Many of the books I have read over the last two years and decided to keep end up on this shelf. There are a few unread books, but it’s not many. Now, let’s see what this shelf looks like.

The read and reference shelf with all books on it.
Once all of the unread books have been removed.
The few books that I have yet to read from this shelf.

Not too bad right? Most of the unread books are reference books that I am either actively working through or have plans to read in the near future.

The manga shelf

I love manga, so it’s no surprise that I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to manga. This is another shelf that has filled up over the last two years. In fact, a number of my manga now live on the read shelf above since the manga shelf is overflowing. But how many of these mangas have I actually read? Let’s find out.

My manga shelf in all its glory.
Not much has changed now that the unread books have been removed.
Just a small pile of unread books.

As you can see, I have done pretty well with keeping up on reading these books. There are a few that are unread, but for the most part, I read the new manga as soon as they arrive.

The fantasy shelf

This is where things start to go downhill. As you can imagine, this shelf is mostly fantasy novels with a few other genres mixed in. Fantasy has been my favorite genre to read for many years, so it’s no surprise that I have a shelf that is populated heavily by it. I may love fantasy, but how many of these books have I actually read?

A shelf of fantasy books along with a few others. This shelf already has some empty space on it.
Suddenly, there is a lot of books missing.
Pile of shame one.
Pile of shame two.

Yikes! Yes, that looks pretty bad. Two piles of shame. Clearly, I need to step up my fantasy reading game and redeem myself.

The Star Wars shelf

A year ago, I had made zero progress on this shelf. Admittedly, the progress I had made among my other shelves made up for my transgression here. I love Star Wars and remember spending many an hour reading these books during my time in university and then I simply stopped picking them up, even though I continued to buy them. The question is, have I made progress since my last update a year ago?

All of my beloved Star Wars books on one shelf.
Now most of them are missing.
I’d say I have just a few unread Star Wars books.

Okay, it’s not much of a difference, but as you can see a few books were read. Much like with my fantasy books, I really need to buckle down and put in some solid reading time to make a significant dent in this shelf.

I hope you enjoyed my TBR update: year two. This last year of reading has changed these shelves a fair bit but as you can see, I still have quite a bit of work to do. At least I know I have plenty of books to read in my future. How is your TBR looking?



  1. Wow! You have a lot of books! I love to read, but I don’t buy many, or else I would go broke. I’ll have to give manga a try. Since the pandemic, I mainly read ebooks, as our library has limited service now. Thanks for the reading inspiration!

    1. I do have a lot of books – and this is after getting rid of over 1000 books from the last three years of the family reading. I am a lot more selective with which books I buy now o I don’t upset my bank account. Manga is a great genre to try out, if you need any suggestions let me know.

  2. You’re doing great on this challenge! I think it’s possible to read all books one owns, but it takes time, and sometimes there may be new reads to grab our attention so older books wait longer to be read. I still think it’s doable. I wish you another great year of reads! ♥

    1. Thank you. Oh, you certainly can read all of the books you own if you have the time to do so. I’m curious to see how long it will take me to get through all of them.

  3. You have definitely done a lot of reading in the past couple of years! Good for you! You have inspired me to do more reading! Thank you so much for sharing your progress … very inspirational!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad I could inspire you to read more.

  4. This is such a great process to go through every year!! I’m such a book hoarder and I really need to reorganize by TBR shelf.
    Impressed by your read list this year!!

    1. It is. I won’t lie, it took me a couple of days to move all of the books, take pictures and then move them all back. But that is also an excellent opportunity to purge any books that you have lost interest in. Good luck reorganizing your TBR shelf!

  5. I’m trying to do something similar only most of my books are digital, it makes for a much less dramatic effect when my pile of shame of is a spreadsheet.
    Good luck with your challenge

    1. Ah yes, it doesn’t have the same effect when the items are digital. A spreadsheet is a great way to keep track of your pile of shame. Good luck getting through them all.

  6. I can’t imagine challenging myself like this. I have been collecting books since college and most of them I have not read. I would have to start small like read the books in my room. There are not too many and most of them at in my room because I want to read them. Just maybe I will challenge my self to do so. 💙

    1. I think you can do it. As you said, start small and before you know it, you will have read quite a few of them. Take it one book at a time and you will get there.

  7. I love looking at people’s bookcases, I could spend hours don’t it. Your bookshelves are so neat and tidy, puts mine to shame. What is magna?

    1. I also love seeing other people’s bookshelves. They are only this tidy because I made sure they looked good for the picture, haha. Manga is essentially Japanese graphic novels.

    1. It certainly is a great way to keep track of the read and unread books. Sadly, I haven’t really put much of a dent in the Star Wars books but I will one day.

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